Wednesday 23 March 2011

More Batiste - It's Tones Time

As you know I am a huge lover of Batiste dry shampoo and I was recently made aware about their new launch Batiste Tones. I know a lot of people have a few issues with the white residue of traditional Batiste varieties so hopefully this product is the answer. Batiste Tones comes in 3 varieties - Light and Blonde, Medium and Brunette Hair, and Dark and Deep Brown. As well as freshening up the hair and helping with oiliness, Batiste Tones obviously contain colour, so they can also be used to hide grey hairs, and to hide regrowth on coloured hair.
I was sent the one for Medium and Brunette Hair

and the one for Light and Blonde Hair

This is probably my biggest issue - it was a hard choice as to which colour to go for - as you know my hair is notoriously two tone I have natural mid brown hair with lots and lots of ash blonde streaks.

Thankfully I was sent both colours to try but I have to be honest and say neither of them really worked on my hair colour. The Medium and Brunette was straight away too dark for my hair admitadly it covered the blonde but that isn't really the look I personally wanted If however you were covering grey I can really see the advantages of this product - these pics were take after I'd had my hair coloured - sorry they aren't great



Powdery is the obvious word with this I had a lot of brown powder fallout which wasn't great if your wearing a white top, and it also had a tendency to stain your skin a bit, and your hairbrush :(
The Light and Blonde still wasn't perfect, it did cover to some degree but it still left a powdery residue - I did a few before and after pics before I got my hair done last week so there were plenty of roots to cover


After Spraying

After Working Through

As you can see after the initial spray it looks super powdery, after working it through a bit the powder is still evident, but it looks a bit better.
If you have darker hair I think Batiste Tones will be much better for you than the traditional sprays which may leave a white residue. However if you have multi coloured or toned hair like me I really don't think these sprays are that great an investment - these are probably the two colours that are the closest to my own hair but I just couldn't make them work for me :(  Batiste Coloured Dry Shampoos are available in 3 shades and retail at around £2.99 for 150ml spray. Any questions please ask, and please check out the Batiste website for more details x

(Batiste Dry Shampoo in Light and Blonde, and Medium and Brunette Were Provided For Review Purposes)

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