Friday 25 March 2011

Nails Of The Day - Beauty UK - Electric Blue

Hi Guys - Here's another NOTD post for you and it's another one from Beauty UK - I'll start with a few apologies, first up I'm sorry for such an awful paint job, I did this in a real rush, secondly apologies again for the bad cuticles again, I am seriously dosing up on the cuticle oil to try and rectify them, and thirdly I'm sorry that my pics just aren't doing the colour justice.

I've said it many times but blue is by far my favourite nail polish shade I have lots of blues (click here to see most of them), and I have to say this colour is one of the nicest - It's Beauty UK  Glam Nails - No.39 - Electric Blue and it is, a real proper dark, electric blue. Unfortunately due to either my camera or my poor photographic skills it just isn't showing up that true to life. In real life this is quite a bit darker than it's looking here but either way it is a gorgeous colour. It didn't apply as well as the previous colour I tried and you definitely need two coats for full even coverage, and I have to say it is one of the strongest smelling polishes I have ever used, Mummy LouLou could even smell it downstairs, but despite that for the price it's a good polish, and I will definitely be looking to buy more from the range.

Apologies again for the bad paint job, have you tried any of the Beauty UK colours and which ones would you recommend ? Any questions please let me know x

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  1. I love blue nails - it's a real favourite of mine. Best (for me) is a dark navy but really like the colour you are wearing.


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