Saturday 26 March 2011

All For Eve Hand Cream - A Product Rave and Something To Make You Think

I've decided to make my product raves a weekly feature so every week I am going to 'rave' about an item be it beauty, fashion, or anything else that I really love, this week it's a hand cream.

I am a huge hand cream freak I love the stuff, my hands get really dry, so I always have a tube, or a pot near me. I have to say that I have several favourite hand creams but this is one of the newest additions

It's the All For Eve Hand Cream. It was created by Urban Retreat to support The Eve Appeal, which aims to raise awareness of women's gynacological cancers, for example cervical and ovarian cancer, not only that but all net profits from the All For Eve range go directly to The Eve Appeal to fund specialist research in this field. Just a few stats for you

Every year 1 million women worldwide are diagnosed with a gynacological cancer, that is just 200,000 fewer than women diagnosed with breast cancer

These cancers account for 10% of all cancer deaths, and 65% of women diagnosed will sadly die

Every year in the UK 18,000 women are diagnosed with a gynacological cancer, and around 7,500 die for the disease

Despite these statistics research in this area remains underfunded, hence the formation of The Eve Appeal. My and my mum bought The All For Eve Todays Special Value from QVC just before Christmas, when it was demonstrated by the lovely Caroline Hirons. We were simply appalled by the statistics and shocked by the realisation that no woman is immune from such terrible diseases.
The kit contained the core products from the All For Eve range, which was as brand set up specifically to help The Eve Appeal.  Still available on QVC (click here) The kit contained the Eve Red lipstick created by Daniel Sandler (click here for a fuzzy pic of me wearing it at Christmas), a body butter, a bath and shower gel, a bodyscrub, and a hand cream.

Widely regarded as the most popular product in the All For Eve range - the hand cream comes in a lovely chunky, matte, rubberised plastic tube. It's pretty simple but I have to say I love the feel of it

The cream itself which is paraben free, contains Vitamin E and Organic Cucumber, it has a super fresh but not overpowering smell that reminded me a little of after sun :). It initally appears to have quite a thick texture

but it spreads easily and quickly on to the skin.

The best thing about this hand cream for me though is the absorbency, it completely sinks into the skin, leaving a super smooth matte finish. It's ideal if your working on the pc or reading, as there is absolutely no greasy residue at all, your hands just feel soft and smooth.

This is an amazing day time hand cream and it's definitely one I will repurchase, not only is it quality but you are also supporting an amazing charity. All For Eve Hand Cream retails at £7.50 for 100ml. For more information and to purchase please check out the All For Eve website . You can also purchase this and other All For Eve products from other retailers such as, QVC, look fantastic and John Lewis.

(With thanks to the All For Eve website for the statistics and some images )

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  1. It certainly looks nice and the cost is reasonable too.


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