Thursday 24 March 2011

Pictures of The Day

Well today me and Mummy LouLou went on a road trip, well not really my mum had to go to the local Peugeot garage to get her car serviced and to sign some forms for her new car order. The dealership has recently moved to the other side of Durham so seeing as the weather was nice I went with her and we decided to make a day of it. Here are some pics of my day :)

The purpose of the trip -  the inside of the Peugeot dealership, lots of new car smells but lovely fresh coffee

B and Q - Whilst the car was being serviced we headed across the road to B and Q - OMG this store is huge, we got some wall lights, and spent ages looking at the plants

Then we stopped for a cup of lovely Whittards tea in the coffee shop - mum had a caramel slice but I was super good and had nothing ;)

Next we headed to the huge Tesco's near by - they have a great gluten free selection and their Easter selection was great loads of lovely chocolate - yum, yum :) These were new and they are gorgeous I love Aero and the little lamb was so cute :)

Not only that but I also got this how cute - a little hollow, chocolate egg in a ceramic Hello Kitty egg cup :)

Finally not the best picture of Durham Cathedral taking whilst coming back through an increasingly gloomy Durham

Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into LouLouLand today -  any questions please ask and I'll see you soon I have loads of all ready xx

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