Tuesday 8 March 2011

Debenhams Haulage - MAC & Biotherm

I mentioned in yesterdays Goods and Bads post that I had received a little parcel from Debenhams, I actually received several most of them contained bits for my mum's Mothers Day pressie, but one was all for me :)
First up MAC - I have to be honest and say none of the new MAC collections have screamed buy me, probably down to project 10 pan but I have either managed to dupe my most wanted items, or to be honest nothing has remotely appealed, "whispers controversial comment I personally hated Wonder Woman" never the less eventually something did appeal. I know I initially said I wasn't going to buy any nail polish for the duration of P10P but since I'd already broken that one Biker Blue from Jeanius had to be mine

To be honest I would have skipped this quite easily and dismissed it as just another blue to add to my collection, but I saw Temptalias pictures and I decided to treat myself. Described as a black base with blue and purple pearl it really is amazing. My pictures really aren't doing it justice but it comes out as a beautiful glittery indigo I can't wait to try it on my nails

Next up was just a little something to try really, Debenhams are currently selling Biotherm Skincare Starter Packs for under £10, it was something a bit different so I thought I'd give it ago. The one I chose was the AQUATRIO for Normal and Combination skin.

It comes in a plasticy feeling aqua/green mini make up bag, and you get three trial sized products, the ones I got in my kit were the Biosource Hydra-Mineral Cleanser Toning Mousse 20ml, the Biosource Hydra-Mineral Lotion Toning Water 30ml, and the Aquasource Non Stop Oligo-Thermal Gel Intense Moisturization 20ml. You also get a £5 voucher in the pack with can be used against any full price Biotherm or Biotherm Homme product, both online or in store pretty much anywhere bar Debenhams which is very strange . I know a few people haven't had the best of experiences with Biotherm but it will be something new to try - I've tried their body care before but never their skincare.

So that was my haul, both items were at reduced prices because of the Debenhams Blue X / sale event and I got free postage - result :) Any questions please let me know and you can check out this months spends in my sidebar xx

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  1. That polish is gorgeous! I have a similar one from GOSH but it's not quite the same. The only things I actually liked from Wonder Woman were the clushes and Russian Red lipstick. Personally I loved the packaging, I know a lot of people hated it. Some of the other lipsticks and glosses looked nice but none were anything new or special, most had dupes from MAC themselves :/


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