Tuesday 1 March 2011

Alva Naturkosmetik Coleur Fluid Foundation - A Review For My Pure*

As you know over the past few months in my reviews for My Pure, I've been trying out a few products from natural, organic make up manufacturer Alva, this month I decided to try one of my staple products, a foundation. Alas my skin just isn't good enough to even contemplate going bare faced, so I took the opportunity to try the Alva Naturkosmetik Coleur Fluid Foundation.

Containing all sorts of natural ingredients such as Evening Primrose, Macadamia Nut Oil, Chamomile and Vitamin E, this foundation like all of Alva's other make up products is Paraben Free and is certified Organic

Packaged in quite a stylish black squeezy tube with silver lettering, and a silver tone lid, the product dispenses easily through a long nozzle

The colour I chose after reading the My Pure site was 1 Light

I have to say this is my first issue with this product, it only comes in 2 shades 1 Light and 2 Medium, my skin is pretty pale but not porcelain, and very pink toned, and prone to redness. This foundation as you can see from this swatch is not exactly pale and it's quite yellow and golden in tone

It doesn't have too much of a smell really the only thing I vaguely got was something, maybe oily or nutty. The texture of the foundation also confused me, described as a fluid it's a lot less fluidy than say something like Nars Sheer Glow, in fact it almost has a creamy feel to it. I tried a few ways of applying this product including a damp sponge, and a foundation brush, but I found the best way with to apply it with my fingers like you would apply a tinted moisturiser, I wonder why that worked so well? This is where my next gripe comes in, the coverage, to be honest I found that you needed to use an awful lot to get any form of cover. My Pure describe this as ideal for smoothing the skin and covering irregularities, well not really in my opinion. On my skin it gave much more of a tinted moisturiser feel rather than a true cover foundation, it also didn't leave me with the matte complexion that it promised my skin was actually left looking pretty glowy, and I definitely needed to powder down, and conceal after application. Time for some hideous befores and afters

Before - Bare Skin - lots of redness!! yuck!

Afterwards - just the foundation no concealer or powder

OK I have to admit the after does look a bit better there is certainly less redness but this is after about three squirts of  the foundation. You can also see that my skin doesn't exactly look matte hmm. I have to say though that despite the scary colour in my hand it doesn't look too bad on my face, it's definitely not a winter colour for me though, I may be able to get away with it a bit more in the summer. It does last OK but after a while it did tend to make my pores a little more obvious, this was improved slightly though by using a primer underneath. My big bugbear with this foundation though was the oxidisation - after an hour or so on my skin it tended to turn a bit orange - you can see this on my hand here - the foundation had been on for just over an hour and you can see how orange it's going.

I have to say in case you haven't already guessed I didn't like this foundation at all, the colour was way off, the coverage and texture just didn't work on me and it basically it didn't do what it promised. If you have a more yellow toned complexion, slightly drier skin, or you don't want or need much coverage this might work for you but at £18.85 for 30ml it isn't going to be something I would repurchase. As I say I'll give it a go again in the summer to see if the colour works better then but to be honest the colour range at the moment is just too limited for me. Alva Naturkosmetic Coleur Fluid Foundation now comes in 3 shades and retails at £19.50 for 30ml from My Pure. Any questions please ask x


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