Sunday 27 March 2011

Naughty LouLou - More Haulage and Some Gifts

Well after doing so well on my spending diet for the first two months of this year - this month has been a disaster, that's life though I've needed to by a few things and I've generally felt a bit blargh so shopping has been a bit of a pacifier. Anyhow onto the goodies - first up ASOS - I used my groupon voucher to buy my mum some jewellery bits for Mothers Day but thankfully Diet Coke has an offer on special where you can either win vouchers or get £5 off a £20 spend being a bit of a caffeine junkie I already have a whole load of vouchers - I believe the vouchers are on special packs till the end of April and are valid till the end of June, so it's well worth picking some up x I bought my mum something else and got a couple of bits for me including this beauty - Illamasqua nail polish in Bacterium

I really can't wait to try this out, the colour is like nothing I've seen before - I promise to do a NOTD with it soon - I also got this ring - alas even in the largest size it's a bit small but I can't wait to wear it as a pinkie ring until I can hopefully lose a bit of weight on my fingers

   pic borrowed from ASOS

It's a little cream mouse - it's has crystal eyes and the tail moves, so cute it comes in black too but I think that one is still full price x

I also popped to Boots this week and stocked up on Botanics eye make up remover - all the Botanics products are currently on 3 for 2 :) and some Veet wax strips which were 1/3 off - no pics I am sure you all know what they look like ;) I actually went to Boots to use my No7 £5 off voucher but they didn't have the product I wanted - thankfully my mum popped to the Metro Centre on Saturday morning and picked me up a bottle of this - the Boots Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser

I have a review on this coming up but since if I've got another one that probably tells you what I think of it.... ;) My mum was an angel and paid for it for me, she also got me this on Friday from the Factory Bargain Shop - I love this shop it's has all sorts of bits in and from Thursday to Sunday they had  25% off everything in store - so she got me this New York themed t-shirt 

They sell a lot of high street end of lines and seconds and this top came from Dorothy Perkins, and originally retailed at £16, Factory Bargains had it on sale for £6 and with the discount me mum got the t-shirt and a bag of M&M mini eggs (not for me;) for just £5.25 :)

As well as the t-shirt she also got me some other bits from the Metro Centre on Saturday including a few Body Shop Cocoa Butter things the creamy body wash and some more body butter -( there was an offer where you got a body butter and a shower gel for £12)

and she also got me the Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Stick that I wanted

I had heard a little bit about this and I really wanted to give it a go - It's basically a twist up stick of solid cocoa butter that melts on contact with the skin, I am intending to use it directly onto my ankle scar to help with healing

She also got my some of the new Earth Lovers Shower Gels with were on buy one get one half price - she got me the Lemon and Thyme version, and the Apricot and Basil fragrance, they smell amazing and I can't wait to try them out x

and because she had spent more than £25 after the in store and Love Your Body discounts she also got a freebie a full sized Vitamin E Body Butter - I've used the Vitamin E skincare before so I am interested to see how I get on with this - Vitamin E is supposed to be good for scarring too :)

All in all a lovely little bag from MummyLouLou - I am so grateful to her - she always tried to find ways to cheer me up when I am feeling down and she normally hits the spot perfectly. If you have any questions or if you would like and reviews please let me know xx


  1. Who can resist Illamasqua? I'm trying hard not to yield to temptation.

  2. Awww the mouse ring is too cute! And the body butters look yummy x


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