Tuesday 15 March 2011

Beauty Products and Freebies From Missguided (Pic Heavy)

Late last year I was contacted by a company called Missguided asking if I would like to try out one of their new nail polishes, being the nail polish junkie that I am (watch my make up collection vid if you don't believe me), of course I agreed. To be honest I hadn't heard of Missguided before the initial contact but they are an online women's clothing and accessories retailer, and  very reasonable they are at that. The polish that they kindly sent me was MissFit an amazing black / gold glitter

Such an amazing colour that my pics just aren't doing justice , this is two coats but to be honest one would be enough  - sorry for the bad paint job :(

Obviously I was thrilled to try out a new brand but interestingly in October / November of last year , Cosmopolitan offered a MissGuided nail polish as a free cover gift, so I picked up another colour MissCellaneous. This is in one of my favourite colour families, a lovely  nude, pink shade


This is two coats again here I probably could have got away with one as surprisingly enough for a cream polish it didn't actually streak too badly, it also seemed pretty self leveling too so you get quite an even finish.

Being a one for my magazine freebies I was excited to see that the current April issue of UK Cosmopolitan magazine featured a free Missguided lipgloss, my mum knowing me oh so well picked up the copy with the MissLed Lip Splash, which is a gorgeous Caramel, nude shade, and has the taste of caramel fudge amazing!!!

It's quite sheer as you can see but it's a lovely gloss which isn't too sticky - a lip shot :)

I really like this gloss especially the taste yum yum - If the colour isn't for you though I think there is the choice of at least another two colours with Cosmo, including a clear and a red so get yourself down to your newsagent before 7th April - the magazine retails at £3.50  and the 7ml Lip Splash retails at £5 it's a no brainer :) 

If you don't manage to grab a copy of Cosmo though the Lip Splash glosses are available for £5.00 each from Missguided, and come in the Caramel that I got, Clear, Watermelon and Chili Red. The 13ml nail polishes also retail at £5 each and their are a choice of 6 shades to choose from, you can also choose from 2 sets of 3 full sized polishes for £8, the Peace set includes both of the colours that I have plus a deep red x

If you fancy placing an order, enter the code 20COSMO before 30th April on the Missguided site you can get 20% off all full price items :) Unfortunately Missguided don't ship their cosmetic products abroad so a huge sorry to my international readers :( Any questions please ask x
(MissFit Nail Polish Was Provided By Missguided For Review Purposes, MissLed Lip Splash and MissCellaneous Nail Polish Were Both Cover Gifts With Cosmopolitan Magazine)


  1. Great colours, I like the nude one especially.

    Thanks for sharing the 20% off code, I saw a gorgeous top in a mag last week that I was thinking of getting so surely this is a sign. ;)

    Jess xx

    The Vintage Huntress

  2. MissFit is gorgeous! Thanks for the code :)


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