Wednesday 16 March 2011

Product Rave - The Body Shop Cocoa Butter

If you have ever watched any of my favourites videos on You Tube you'll probably already know that The Body Shop's Cocoa Butter range hold a special place in my heart

The Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Lotion was probably one of the first Body Shop products, bar a few Dewberry things, some Japanese Washing Grains and some Tea Rose Bath Oil Powder #OldSchooler. For me it's the perfect lighter weight but super moisturising lotion, it absorbs easily and it really does the job. though I've ventured further into the Cocoa Butter range. The Body Shop Cocoa Butter range dare I say it is heads above the Palmers range in my ease, the texture of the Palmers version is super thick, and to be honest it smells way too overpowering and sickly for me. TBS Cocoa Butter on the other hand smells, sweet but not too strong and it always makes me feel comforted.

Over the last year or so I've ventured further into the Cocoa Butter range and I've found two products that now have can't live without status. First up the Creamy Body Wash, this is a super gentle moisturising wash that you can use in either the shower or the bath, or even as I've found out recently in a foot spa :)

It looks a bit like custard and has the more subtle smell of the Cocoa Butter range and despite the inclusion of SLS I've found it super gentle for cleansing my skin, and in particular the area around my scar, and where I had my cast removed, It hasn't stung or irritated my skin at all :

Next up probably my ultimate desert island product The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Butter. I could ramble on for days and I probably couldn't sing this products praises enough. In the usual Body Butter texture it is super moisturising but despite that it sinks in really easily

It smells gorgeous and it really has been my skins saviour not just as an aftersun when I've been on holiday but over the last month or so it really came into own. As you might know when your take a cast off your skin is beyond disgusting and sooo dry and flaky, but using a combination of the this and the wash my skin is completly back to normally and super soft and comfortable, not onyl that but I've found it gentle enough to use on my scar now it starting to heal and I think it has really helped with keeping it soft, and comfortable and dare I say it with the healing of my skin. I really won't be without it now it's a real must have for me.

I also fancy trying the Cocoa Butter Moisturising Stick for more direct application so I would be really interested to see if anyone has tried it? I also used to use the Cocoa Butter Gradual Tanner does anyone know if this has been discontinued or is it just a seasonal thing? Any questions please ask x I intend to do a few more product raves for you so by all means let me know what type of product you would be interested in hearing about xx I'll be back tomorrow with a little haulage post from my Metro Centre trip today xx

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