Thursday 10 March 2011

Project 10 Pan - 5 Down and An Update x

The title of this posts says it all really this week I finished item number 5 on Project 10 Pan - I am officially half way through now :)

L'Oreal Matte Morphose Souffle Foundation in 110 Ivory Rose - 20g

Yeah I have to say I actually really like this foundation and I've already purchased a back up a few months ago when it was on offer (read my full review here). One of the few issues I had with this foundation was with the colour range, and indeed Ivory Rose wasn't the best shade for my wintry, pale super pink toned skin, but it needed using up. Like most women I usually have quite a few foundations open at once, that's pretty obvious from the fact that 3 of my first 5 products have been bases, so in order to use this one up I mixed with another mousse type product to lighten it up - voila one finished foundation :) This is the first lesson I think I've learned so far on Project 10 Pan - try not to have some many similar things open at once, apart from when your testing a product is it really necessary to have 5 foundations on the go at once erm no it's not so I definitely intend  to use my mixing method to try and finish a few off x
The next thing I've learned because of P10P is that having kind relatives, and having Christmas or Birthdays really helps - I managed to get a few things I really wanted and a few essentials without having to buy anything myself :) Despite that though and here is the biggest lesson that project 10 pan has taught me so far, I haven't actually wanted to by very much make up anyway. There are probably a few reasons for this first of all MAC especially have released nothing that has really wowed me -  their collections lately have all been a bit samey tbh. This could also be because I have actually started to shop my stash a bit more and see what items I actually own - this has been a useful if slightly scary experience, I own lots of things that dare I say it or similar if not identical to other things. This is particularly true with lip products, my mum rather subtley remarked that all my lip glosses and lipstick are in pretty much the same shade family and you know what she's right. In virtually every collection MAC release a nude/pink/neutral lipstick and gloss, and the fact is I already have enough of those to set up my own shop so I am eventually realising why buy more? Looking at things I already own has also made me realise how easy it is to dupe lemmings - for example a paintpot from Cham Pale swatches very similarly to an Estee Lauder Double Wear Cream Shadow I already have - pre project 10 pan I would have bought the paint pot and ended up with two very similar products hmm. Perhaps though the thing I have enjoyed, yes I did say enjoyed this isn't all about denial you know :) so far is shopping my stash and rediscovering lost or discarded gems - I have bought so many fabulous products over the years and barely given them a second glance once the initial purchasing high is over but because I've been unable to buy new things I experienced a new rush when playing with things I'd forgotten. This has had another side to it too I guess, I've also discovered things that are probably going to remain unloved either they take me too far out of my comfort zone or I have to many things the same so expect an updated blog sale page soon. I recorded a little rambly video yesterday where I talk about some of these issues and talk about the things I've finished so far so I am putting it here too so you can have a watch x

I am sorry this post has ended up as a bit of a ramble too but I'd just like to say thanks ladies for keeping me motivated as I live through your purchases :) 5 down 5 to go I really can do this now, Any questions please ask xx`

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  1. oooo well done, halfway there already. I must admit I haven't bought much makeup at all lately, have far too much to use up, also lots of similar things in similar shades.

    ooo I like your top in your vid. Where did you get it? I'm crap with clothes, wish I was better lol

    ps love the cute daisy earrings :)


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