Monday 21 March 2011

This Weeks Goods and Bads

Hey guys it's good and bads time again :)

  • My Aunties Health - They have potentially found another two aneurysms, including 1 on her lungs - she is going to have a full body scan today but understandably we are all rather concerned.
  • Comments On You Tube - I've had a couple of blinders this week that really got me down on Saturday - it really makes you wonder if it's all worth while and it also makes you wonder why people are so nasty
  • The Foot - the aches and pains are back after a week or so off :(
  • Toxic Nature has launched on ASOS but all the things I want either aren't there or have already gone  :(
  • The World In General - Everything is so awful when you watch the news now, if it's not the devastating news from Japan, it's the violence in Libya - the world is a scary place at the moment :(
  • I lost 4lbs this week :)
  • Still on the mini high of my shopping trip last week I felt like a human being again
  • Project 10 Pan - I have another 3 products that are on the final straight :)
  • The weather how nice is is at the moment admittedly it's freezing at night still but we have sunshine and the nights are getting lighter too :)
  • My lovely blog, twitter and you tube subbies - you make me realise that it is worthwhile after all - I am at 399 blog followers which amazes me daily
I hope you all had a good week and if not I hope this week is brighter x

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