Saturday 26 November 2011

Wedding Outfit and Nails Of The Day x

Hi Guys
If you follow me on twitter you'll know that yesterday I went to my cousins Suzanne's wedding. Me and my mum had a really nice day, due to my ME/CFS I don't get to go out and see some of my family as often as I would like, so it was really nice to see people and catch up a little, it's only a shame every time I do anything nice I pay for it the day after grrr. Anyways I thought you might like to see a few pics of my outfit.

I couldn't find anything I liked in the shops, so I headed to ebay I ended up buying 3 dresses from the same ebay seller, so on Thursday night I had to decide which one I wanted to wear. The two dresses above were the rejects lol instead I went for another dress in the autumnal tones of brown, mustard, orange, cream and black. Although it's the same colour as the one above it's a different style and features elastication and bow detailing on the chest, and frills on the bottom. I teamed it up with black tights, mustard shoes, this necklace I got in Cyprus, a black mac and my black leather Prada bag (which my cousin managed to throw wine all over eek I'll forgive her it survived unscathed and it was her wedding day lol ;)

What I Wore
Autumnal Colour Dress - ebay
120 Denier Black Opaque Tights - Primark
Silver, Mustard, Brown and Orange Necklace - Cyprus
Mustard Cave Heels - Office
Black Mac - South at Littlewoods
Black Leather Bag - Prada

Sorry for the pretty picture instead of my face, I looked a complete loon - that's what happens when your in a total rush lol 

I just had time to do my nails but even that was eventful - the colour I went for was Leighton Denny - Sunset Lovin - This is a funny shade to describe in natural light it has a definite bronze / orange appearance but in the pictures it looking very pink / red - I've taken some pics with and without the flash, but to be honest it's still not showing it correctly - first up with the flash

and then without

It's such a shame I can't capture the colour properly it's a really lovely burnt sunset shade, which went perfectly with the colours of my dress.

So that was yesterday - I'm going to end the post by sharing with you the songs my cousin used to go up and down the aisle to - neither of them are conventional but when you listen to the words you can really understand the meaning and the sentiment behind them.

Hope you enjoyed that bit of retro britpop - I certainly had I haven't heard that for ages moment with both of those songs, Any questions or ramblings you want to share please leave me a comment x and I'll see you tomorrow with a collective haul xx 


  1. Lovely dress and your Prada bag is gorgeous (even if it does now smell a little of wine!).
    Glad you had a fantatsic day.


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