Sunday 27 November 2011

More Collective Haulage - Top Shop, Superdrug, BooHoo and More x

Another week and guess what some more haulage - this little lot is from shopping trips and parcels over the last fortnight :)

First up a few bits from a web store that I found purely by chance, I sometimes type random terms into google to try and find yet more online shops to browse, well this time I found a store Everything 5 Pounds , yes a lot of the stuff is a bit chavvy and the postage is pretty steep but they do have some fairly decent things in, including a lot of Cath Kidston inspired bags. I am a huge lover of Cath Kidston's Shabby Chic style but not her prices. No holding out much hope I ordered a few bags for pressies thoroughly expecting to send them back, but no I have to say wow, I am so impressed for the price

I have a turquoise and cream spotted Cath Kidston book bag which is nearly exactly the same construction wise as this baby, it has a Velcro fastening, and an internal zipped pocket - great for the price as are the other two that I bought in different styles. If you like this style of bag though you may want to keep checking back I may have one to giveaway in my Christmas Giveaway ;)
With my bag order I decided to try out a clothing item so I bought a pair of harem pants, described as Warm Ali Baba Pants, they are basically just a jersey harem, with an elasticated waist, and elasticated cuffs, I went for the coffee, a gorgeous very dark brown. These again are really good for the price, I bought some for £12 in New Look and these are actually better quality.

Talking of my Christmas giveaway, you can also expect to see one of these babies on the prize list

Yes, The MUA Professional Immaculate Collection Eyeshadow Palette, when I saw this on the Superdrug website I knew it had to be mine, and I picked one up for you guys too x

No swatches at the moment, but I will be doing a full review of this palette in a Budget Beauty Series special on the run up to Christmas x

Next up a little Top Shop order, the main purpose of the order was to get some new leggings, I love Top Shop leggings, but I'm sure you've all seen leggings before so I'm not showing you them here, instead I'll show you the other bits that happened to fall in my basket - first up a little bracelet

In the friendship bracelet style, this is a black cord, with copper tone sections and clear crystals, I love wearing a few of these type of bracelet all at once :)

Finally from Toppers, some make up or more precisely some lipsticks

On the left we have the much talked about Pillow Talk from the Smoke and Mirrors collection, and on the right Innocent from the core range

These two colours are actually a very similar pale, baby pink colour, Innocent is a little bit darker so I can justify purchasing both :) Oh and despite the size difference between the bullets they both contain 3.5g of product x
Next up a cardigan, I already have this bat wing cardigan in a navy blue, but I thought I'd get another one this time in a very pale almost nude pink, with gold sparkle - this came from Studio Cards and Gifts catalogue of all places, and it was less than tenner - result especially when Top Shop are selling something similar for almost triple that !

I don't know if you've ever heard of Buy A Powa I hadn't until recently, but I recently took advantage of one of their deals to pick up the OPI Muppets Minis. I managed to save a few pounds on retail price so I was pretty pleased - I think Buy A Powa are repeating this deal so it's well worth having a look if you want this kit x

I've also made a couple of ebay purchases over the last week or so as well as my dresses in the previous post I've also bought a few nail art things. including some snowflake and Hello Kitty nail stickers

and some striping tape - I can't wait to have a play with these, they are all in really pretty metallic shades x

I don't know about you but when I place an online order for Christmas pressies I can't resist getting something for me - Bad LouLou, I placed an order with Fragrance Direct for a few Christmas pressies and I couldn't resist adding a few things to my basket - first up more nail stickers, this time from Ciate - these features little flowers and butterflies (If you interested in nail stickers keep checking back I have a huge post planned on nail stickers which should go live in the next week or so)

Having suffered from the odd sniffle over the last few days I also bought a sachet of  Montagne Jeunesse Eucalyptus and Camphor Anti-Cold Bath, I nearly always get colds around Christmas so I'm keeping this on standby
I was also super excited to see this on the site

Similar to a MAC MSF, Revlon Colorstay Mineral Finishing Powder in 010 Brighten, is in a gorgeous shimmery pale pink shade

Finally from Fragrance Direct - I got a Colony Candles Reed Diffuser in Powder Fresh, which is a baby powder fragrance, my mum has reed diffusers everywhere, and there really great for constant fragrance, as much as I love my candles you can't burn them all the time so these are a good alternative.

Whilst on a visit to the opticians, earlier in the week I managed to have a little look into Factory Bargains, I love this shop and I've regularly sung it praises on this blog. You can always find something to buy and this visit was no exception. They had loads of Dorothy Perkins stock in, but I got this short sleeved cowl necked jumper from a brand called Mimosa

and as well as a few Christmas pressies I also got this pair of Paul Frank For Target Julius PJ Pants :) for only £7

I mentioned BooHoo in the title of the post and I did buy 1 ickle thing from BooHoo, I got another oriental pattern shrug - this one is pretty similar to the last one I got but it has more blues and turquoises in it. I'm a bit annoyed though I found two ebay sellers selling the same ones for quite a bit cheaper so I'm definitely going to get the mocha one with my paypal funds, don't forget to check out my ebay listings by the way - there are a lot of new additions this weekend including lots of new Top Shop, Next, Winter Clothes and more x

Finally River Island, as you know I love my panda hat, but I fancied a change, so I got this little guy :), and he was even in the sale :)

I also got this gorgeous daisy print scarf, very Mary Quant, my mum was originally going to get me this as part of my Christmas pressie, but when it came she didn't think it was worth the money, I have to say as much as I love the scarf I am inclined to agree with her, it was £15, and for that the fabric isn't that thick and I can't help thinking that it would only be a few pounds if it came from Primark, you win some and lose some I guess

So that was a rather large collective haul, I really am going to try and calm it down, I've spent so much money this month, and I have my annual festive shopping trip with my godmother to come next week eek. As per usual if you have any questions on anything I've bought or if you would like any reviews please leave me a comment x


  1. Which factory shop? I'd hate to think i'm missing out on something local and exciting

  2. It's called The Original Factory Shop this is their website x


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