Wednesday 9 November 2011

My MAC Collection - Cream Cheek Products

Hi Guys - It's time for another installment in My MAC Collection series, and this one is all about cream cheek products. I've probably bought more cream blushers and so on in the last 12-18 months than I ever have before, having a slightly oily skin, I've always been wary of using cream products on my face but they can give a much healthier flash of colour than a powder blush which can sometimes look a bit flat.
Having said that cream cheek colours are a recent love, the first two products in my MAC collection are long gone, they were probably two of the first MAC products I ever purchased. First up a Colouring Stick

Very like a Nars Multiple, Colouring Sticks are basically twist up sticks of cream colour, that can be used on eyes, lips or cheeks - the colour I have is Brazilia

Basically it's a lovely golden, copper shade, I'm sure MAC still do a Colouring Stick as part of the Pro line but I've never seen this one. Alas I think it's a little past it best now and is starting to have a faint whiff of crayon - boo

The second discontinued cream cheek product I have from MAC, is a Cheekhue

In a similar tube to MAC Paints, the Cheekhues, were highly pigmented, matte cream cheek colours. The one I have is Balthusphere

A lovely nude shade, I actually managed to find a back up of this on ebay, it's a really nice neutral shade comparable to maybe Strada blush, and you only need a tiny bit so it last for ages!

Next up cream blushers - I have one Blushcreme in Posey

It's described as a warm peach but I think it actually has more pink tones to it, I don't actually wear this as much as I should, it's very bright and it needs a bit of blending - definitely one you don't need to be heavy handed.

Blushcreme have subsequently been discontinued and although Posey has been released in the new formulation, Cremeblend Blushers I don't think the colour is exactly the same, so it's definitely worth checking it out irl if your interested.

Finally the one Cremeblend Blush I own So Sweet, So Easy, I have to say I love this blusher and I'm so pleased it's been made permanent it has a lovely texture, and it's a gorgeous pink colour

I actually prefer the Cremeblend formula, it much softer, creamier and easier to blend than the original Blushcreme. I have my eye on a few colours including Something Special and Brit Wit, so I love to know what you think of those two in particular.

So that's my cream cheek products, not many I know but I sold my Cream Colour Bases, as I wasn't that impressed with the texture, so I'm pretty happy with what I have. What do you think of MACs cream cheek products and do you have any recommendations?,


  1. This colouring stick looks gorgeous. :-)
    Great blog BTW!

  2. I have lots of creme blushes too, but im still really unsure on how to wear them! They end up looking blotchy on me!

  3. The Blushcreme and Cremeblend Blushes look so beautiful! I only have Cream Colour Bases from MAC and I use those as cream blushes :)

  4. I used to have a cheekhue I absolutely loved! No idea of the name but it would just give the most wonderful natural flush of colour and was so easy to apply. Wish they hadn't been discontinued :(


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