Wednesday 2 November 2011

Brushing Up With The Original Radius Toothbrush - A Review For My Pure

My name is Louise and I have great oral hygiene. OK that isn't meant to be a boast but my dentists did use those exact words last week, but I have to say ever since I was tiny I've always tried to take care of my teeth I brush, I floss (with dental floss sticks -I get in knots with floss), and I visit the dentist every 6 months without fail. The prize product in my oral hygiene routine, is a nice rechargeable Braun /Oral B tooth brush, from the first moment I got this baby it was love, tooth cleaning for lazy people the brush does the work for you, and with the small head you can get it right into the nook and crannies especially round the wisdom teeth. I wasn't looking for a new toothbrush by all means but a few months ago I got an email from My Pure about a new type of toothbrush, alas every time I tried to pick one for review they were always sold out, good sign I guess, I needed to try one - well for my October reviews I finally managed to nab one!

The Radius Original Toothbrush was first manufactured in the USA in 1982, and since then it's developed a cult following with celebrity fans such as Cher, and Sting. Made from sustainable material the brush looks unlike the majority of brushes in the market, it comes in both left and right handed versions, and is ergonomically designed to brush teeth at the correct pressure and the recommended 45 degree angle.

One of the key things you notice about the Radius brush is the size of the head it is huge especially compared to my little rechargeable. The Radius contains around 300% more bristles than a standard toothbrush, and not only that but they are softer and finer meaning you can get them into the gaps between your teeth and gums more easily, giving a thorough mouth clean. The bristle also don't absorb water so instead of the usual 3 months, a Radius toothbrush will last around 9 months!

I was sent a right handed toothbrush in blue. My first impression was that it was going to be a bit difficult to control but I was wrong. Although it doesn't look that easy to handle the brush fits perfectly into your hand, and was really easy to position and use. My initial fear was that because of the large head size I wouldn't be able to get the brush into the smaller and more precise areas of my mouth, again though I was wrong. The size of the brush actually makes it easier and quicker to brush all of your teeth, and I have to say I have no problem cleaning the awkward area surrounding my wisdom teeth. The brush cleaned thoroughly and gently, and without causing bleeding gums which I'm sometimes prone too. Don't get me wrong I still love my rechargeable but the Radius really surprised me by how well it performed, and my dentist obviously agreed since I hadn't used another brush for nearly 3 weeks prior to my appointment. The Radius Original Toothbrush comes in both and left and right handed version and in several colours and retails at £9.99 from My Pure . If you have any questions please leave me a comment x

(The Radius Original Toothbrush - Right Hand Was Provided By My Pure For Review Purposes)

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