Saturday 19 November 2011

Nails Of The Day - Autumn Leaves

When you are a passenger in a car you have lots of opportunities to look out of the window, and this week, I've been marvelling at the beauty of the Autumn leaves. Inspired by some of the beautiful bronzes and golds I decided to dig into the depths of my nail polish collection, and pull out a gorgeous coppery / bronze colour that hasn't seen the light of day for sometime.

OK we'll gloss over the name but Shag by MAC, is pretty much a pensioner in the nail polish world, originally released in 1999, this polish is a beautiful copper, bronze, and do you know what even despite its age this polish applied like a dream, this is just two perfect coats

Obviously this colour is long gone from counters, but I would imagine it's pretty easy to dupe - It's a perfect Autumn colour for me and I'm so pleased I dug it out. Despite the silly name what do you think of Shag? and what's you favourite bronze / copper nail shade ?


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