Tuesday 1 November 2011

Are Your Kidding ? - Nails Of The Day

Once in a while you'll see a product name and wonder why, for what ever reason it just doesn't suit the product or the colour. This nail varnish from MAC is a perfect example of that

A limited edition colour`Kid Orange to me just isn't orange, a very vaguely orange toned red maybe but a true orange no way.

This took two coats here to achieve full coverage but I think it's worth it, it's a lovely colour which I think is probably more of summer colour, but hey ho I need cheering up at the moment so I'm giving it a go. What do you think of Kid Orange?


  1. I love this and am fairly sure I have it, need to check!

  2. I would so wear that, gorgeous milky pink colour. Doesn't look orange at all, wonder what the story behind the name is? x

  3. I totally love that colour but what the hell with the name?! xx


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