Tuesday 22 November 2011

Budget Beauty Series - 2True (Very Picture Heavy)

I have to be honest and say that 2True was one of those brand that just feel under my radar. It wasn't a line that I ever considered purchasing anything from. Then a few years ago I was sent a package of goodies from Superdrug and 2True to try out, not everything was a winner but a few things became staples in my make up collection.

Usually appearing on a rotating stand 2True is a brand exclusive to Superdrug, offering a full range of products from false eyelashes to foundations, to lipgloss and nail gems, each item retails at just £1.99 or you can buy any 4 items for just £4.99. The prices certainly aren't to be sniffed at but what about the products.


2True offers a multitude of make up products for the face including concealers, face powders, foundations, and cheek and lip tints similar to certain Benefit products. I haven't tried any of the base products but I have tried a few of the cheek products. You can read my review on the All Over Natural Bronzing Powder No2 Shimmer Bronze here , but if you've been reading my blog for sometime you'll already know my opinion on the true star of 2True

Yes, it's the 2True True Colour Blush in No1, I originally received this as part of the PR package, and I have to say it was instant love.

Earlier this year, this blusher featured in my rediscovered products post, and I have to say I've used it at least once a week since. It's the perfect nude/peach/pink blush for me and for £1.99 I will definitely repurchase it when I run out.


When you look at 2True's collection of face products it's no surprise that their collection of eye products is just as big. With a choice of 6 different mascaras, 5 different types of eyeliner, an eyebrow pencil, eyeshadow duos, loose eyeshadow dazzlers and false eyelashes there really is something for everyone. First up a mascara, I've already reviewed two of the mascaras in the 2True range, the Glitter Mascara and the Instant Lengths Mascara, but my experience with the Instant Lengths Mascara was so good I thought I'd try another one in the range.

The one I went for was the Instant Waterproof Mascara, it only comes in Black and like the Instant Lengths Mascara, it just has a basic, run of the mill mascara spool

Nothing exciting there, but it has a decent formulation and good dark colour

2True promise a smudge proof, stay put, long lasting and above all waterproof mascara but how does it perform on the eyes - well see for yourself x



I have to say for £1.99 I think this is a pretty decent mascara, it gave a really nice lash look and whilst I wouldn't go swimming in it, it lasted pretty well, with only a tiny bit of flaking when it came to remove it at the end of the day.

Way back when, when I was originally sent some goodies by 2True to try, I received a Twist n Line Eye Definer in No3 Adriatic Blue, I have to be honest and say it didn't wow me I just didn't find it that pigmented, but with 13 shades there were plenty more to try. A few of you lovely people told me that the black one was much better, so I got one to try.

No. 8 Black, comes in the same twist up applicator, I have to say I think these are a great invention you don't need a sharpener - hurray! and as I result I always take a liner like this on holiday with me

I have to say you guys were right, I had none of the pigmentation problems with this liner, it was a true smooth and creamy black

It does have a tendency to travel a bit but it's great for using on the waterline, and for smudging out to create a smokey eye, I've used it here just with mascara for a quick eye look x

Pretty effective and quick for £1.99. It just goes to show if you try one thing from a brand and you don't like it, don't be afraid to try something else you might be surprised :)

Can you guess what the final eye product I tried from 2True was? well unsurprisingly enough it was an eyeshadow duo. 2True have 15 eyeshadow duos in their line, and the one I chose was No. 9

Packaged in a compact with a clear lid just a little bigger than a MAC eyeshadow, you get two eyeshadow shades for just £1.99. No.9 contains a gorgeous bronze / gold and a bright purple. Again honesty is the best policy, and I wasn't expecting a lot from this but again I was pleasantly surprised.

The shades are soft and pigmented, and pretty long lasting. There was a tiny bit of fallout with the golden bronze shade but that is quite common with metallics, what do they look like on the eyes though? First up the purple

and the bronze / gold
Not the best pictures I'm afraid, but I hope you can see how pigmented these shades are. This duo may not be every ones cup of tea, but with another 14 shades in the line you bound to find something you like, and yet again you can't argue with the £1.99.price tag.


OK be honest ladies,where would we be without our lip products, even if I'm not wearing any other make up I always put something on my lips so understandably I had to try something from 2True's extensive range of lip products. I'd already tried two of the 2True Plumptuous Lipglosses (click here and here to read the reviews) and I have to say they didn't exactly rock my world, a thick, sticky formulation and a sponge applicator didn't really work for me, but not to be deterred I thought I'd try some of their other lip products.
First up I tried one of their Glossywear Lipsticks

With at least 5 shades to choose from I chose No. 3, a gorgeous slightly shimmery light pink

This lipstick has a lovely creamy texture, and a lovely glossy finish. What does it look like on the lips though?

Pretty isn't it, very like MAC - Angel in my opinion, in fact I love this lipstick so much it even made my September / October Favourites. If there is a downside to this lipstick it would probably be the smell and taste, it's not that strong but it is a tiny bit waxy, and crayon like, never mind it's a lovely colour and it's a nice addition to my lipstick collection.

Although I didn't have the best of experiences with the Plumptuous Lip Glosses, I was still keen to try one of 2True's other glosses, so I bought a colour, from the Crystal Lipgloss line.

Designed to have maximum colour and shine, the shade I bought was No.1, a lovely shimmery pink. The texture is still quite thick but it's easy to apply because of the brush applicator.

It isn't that pigmented but it provides a tiny bit of colour, time for a lip shot I think :)

It gives a super glossy finish and a slightly shimmery finish. I actually really like this gloss, I'm not a 100% keen on the synthetic vanilla flavour but it gives a nice finish, especially when it's worn over the lipstick :)


It's time for the one you've all been waiting for, the nail polishes. 2True produce a range of nail products including base and top coats, strengtheners and of course colours. First up the Glossywear Nail Polishes, available in 32 shades I have two from this line including No.10 which I was kindly sent

This is a shade of the most beautiful irdescent pink loveliness, I've also passed the love for this polish onto my godmother and two of her relatives - nuff said - Next up from the Glossywear line, a designer dupe.
Shade No.46 is pretty good dupe for the iconic Chanel shade Paradoxal. A sort of dirty mauve shot through with purple /pink shimmer, gorgeous, again this is 2 coats.

2True also do a nail polish line called Fast Dry Colour Quick Nail Polish, this line currently contains 9 shades, I only have 1, shade 2

Shade 2 is a beautiful sky blue colour, again this is two coats and yes their right this does dry really quickly! A definite thumbs up!

Finally we have some of the colours from the new Limited Edition Crystal Nail Polishes out of the 4 shades I have 3, first up Shade 1, an amazing sparkly blue

 Shade 3 is an amazing sparkly teal shade

and finally Shade 4, a gorgeous glittery, purple x

Aren't these gorgeous colours, with only two coats you can have glittery, festive nails perfect for this time of year.

Congratulations if you've reached the end of the post, leave me a comment saying tinsel  :). Joking aside I hope you've found this post useful, when it comes to purchasing products from 2True. Like all brands it has its turkeys - sorry can't you tell I'm feeling Christmassy ;) but there are a few gems out there particularly the lipsticks, the nail polishes and in my opinion the blushers. Even if you aren't impressed with your purchase from the line, at just £1.99 an item or £4.99 for 3 products, you aren't losing a great deal of money, so its a great line to experiment with or to introduce youngsters to make up. If you have any questions on this post or if you've tried any 2True products and would like to let me know what you think please leave me a comment x

ETA - This will be my last proper Budget Beauty Series post before Christmas, I had intended to do a few more but I have so many posts to squeeze in before Santa comes I just won't have time, but you can expect to see a Budget Beauty Series Special on something that's just been released so stay following to check it out x Oh and if there are any brands that you would like to be featured in the series please let me know x

(Everything In This Post Was Purchased By Me Apart From The 2True True Colour Blush And The Glossywear Nail Polish in Shade No.10 Which Were Provided For Review Purposes)


  1. Tinsel :)
    Great review, I've not yet tried any of their products, but certainly will now.

  2. there are some great looking products there,i will definatly be taking a look very soon :)

  3. I never hear anything about this brand! The gold shadow, lipgloss and lipstick look beauuutiful though :)


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