Thursday 10 November 2011

Nails Of The Day - It's A Grey Day

Hey my loves, today's nails of the day pretty much sums today miserable weather up, yes it's a grey

That isn't really fair though I actually love this colour a lot, released as part of Hello Kitty for MAC, On The Prowl is a beautiful sophisticated grey colour that would look as good with a business suit as it would with jeans and a t-shirt

This is two coats which being a cream it probably needs, but I really love the look and finish I can't believe I've never used this in a NOTD post before. Alas it was discontinued quite some time ago but I would imagine it's pretty easy to dupe. What do you think of grey nail polishes and can you recommend any?

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  1. That is a gorgeous colour. I have 1 grey nail polish but haven't felt the need to look for more as I love it so much. It's Barry M grey (or tombstone as hubs calls it) and it is just so perfect.


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