Friday 25 November 2011

Brushing Up With Sigma - Hollywood Glamour Retractable Kabuki Brush & Black Friday Special Offer

First of all I owe you guys a huge apology I've been planning a review series on all my Sigma brushes for sometime now but after an initial post I never did anymore, so I thought I'd try and do one for you today, just in time for the Sigma Black Friday Special ( more on that later ;)

It's probably been about a year since I bought this brush and I've used it sporadically since but I took it away on holiday with me, and I have to say it was such a useful brush I really don't know why I haven't used it more often.The brush in question is the Hollywood Glamour Retractable Kabuki Brush, the colours and the designs vary, but the one I have is the now discontinued There's Something About Marilyn.

This brush comes completely enclosed in a red metallic casing, to use it all you do it remove the lid, and push down the casing to reveal the brush head

The brush head itself has a domed head made of synthetic fibres. It is so soft and silky, but at the same time the brush hairs are very densely packed so the brush actually has some substance.

I predominantly use the brush either for powder touch up or with a mineral foundation such as Laura Geller Balance n Brighten, but you could also use it for highlighter or bronzer, or even liquid foundation. Retractable brushes like this one really are a make up bag must have, just load your brush up with powder, push it down, and put the lid and you don't need to carry you powder compact with you. Yes this brush is a bit of an investment but these aren't the easiest brushes to find, and this will definitely be a useful addition to your brush collection, I know it has been to mine. As I say this colour brush is no longer available from Sigma but you can get it in Black - Breakfast With Audrey and in Pink - Princess Grace , and you can also get a flat top version in Purple - Miss Taylor, they normally retail at $25 each from Sigma but there cuurently on special offer at $19!!!
If your interested in purchasing this or any other product from Sigma though there couldn't be a better time, it's the day after Thanksgiving in the US and what does that mean - Black Friday! So on one of the biggest shopping days of the year the lovely people at Sigma are offering free worldwide shipping! yes that right buy anything from the Sigma site and it will be delivered free simply use the code BF2011 on checkout. The promotion can't be used alongside any other discount and runs from 9am to 5pm Central Standard Time (CST). I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to go for yet maybe the flat definer brush or maybe even the Naughty In Black Travel Kit. I'd love to know what Sigma brushes you recommend and if your going to pick up any new ones today x Oh and if you have any questions on the retractable kabuki don't forget to leave me a comment x

ETA - I was a good girl and only ordered the flat definer brush ;)

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