Friday 4 November 2011

Enhance Your Crowning Glory With Indola Professional Color Style Mousse

I have to say despite a little bit of apprehension over ditching the blonde, I have to say I'm loving the darker side of life, my hair looks richer and much, much healthier. The only trouble was as much as I loved the sunshine whilst I was away, it did fade my colour a but. Don't get my wrong it's not horrible by any means, but when I was offered the chance to have a little play with some home colour I decided to give it a go.

Professional hair care company Indola have recently introduced a new revolution in no risk home hair colouring. Their new Professional Color Style Mousse gives you the perfect opportunity to experiment with your hair at home. The mousse can be used to enhance your natural colour, to rejuvenate coloured hair, or even to experiment with a new hair colour, and even better than that if you don't like you can just wash it straight out.

I was recently given the opportunity to try the Indola Professional Color Style Mousse in a colour of my choice. With 12 different shades to choose from including blonde tones, brown tones and red tones, there are plenty of colours to choose from, I was a bit of a wuss and went for Chocolate to try and enhance my salon dye job. First up some befores, this is what my colour looked like before using the product

Basically this product looks like a conventional hair styling mousse, to apply it you wash and towel dry your hair, then wearing some gloves (not provided) you dispense an orange sized amount of the fresh smelling mousse into your hand (yes that is a pretty big orange Mumm Lou!) I was quite surprised about the colour of the mousse, I was expecting it to be a bit darker than that. Don't be deceived though the mousse actually seems to darken the longer it's exposed to the air, Oh and try and kee it away for your clothes, Mummy Lou got a bit on her t-shirt and it took a few washes to it all get out !

You then apply the mousse evenly through you hair before combing through and drying you hair as normal. Don't be tempted to apply more than one handful of mousse though, like normal styling mousse it does cause a bit of build up.

After my hair dried I have to say I was pretty impressed the colour change wasn't dramatic but my hair did seem to have a little bit more tone and depth to it - what do you think?

I have to say I really liked the product whilst the colour change wasn't dramatic it did give me hair a bit of a lift. The product smells really nice, and if you don't like the colour just wash your hair and the majority of it will come out, with just one shampoo. This is a great, and easy to use product if your a bit scared of colour or if you just wanted a bit of a change for a night out or a party. The Indola Exclusive Professional Colour Style Mousse retails at around £7.75 for 200ml and comes in 12 colours. For more details and stockist information please check out the Indola website. If you have any questions or comments please let me know xx

(The Indola Professional Color Style Mousse 200ml in Chocolate Was Provided By PR For Review Purposes)

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  1. Hi thanks for your comment - the shade was provided by PR I didn't chose it myself so thats maybe why there is a colour variation - also when this pic was taken there was actually a lot of different tones in it anyway as I'd had a pro dye put on over blonde streaks hope this helps xx


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