Saturday 12 November 2011

Nails Of The Day - A Touch Of Pink

Well the weather hasn't changed much since my last nails of the day, it's still grey and miserable, the nights are drawing in and photography is damn near impossible, no matter I thought I'd cheer myself up myself with something a bit brighter, so guess what it's time for yet another nail post x

I received this polish in a swap with the lovely Lydia, Essence isn't that widely available in the UK if at all, but they always seem to do the most fabulous nails polish. Essence Multi Dimension 3 in 1 Nail Polish in 37 Love Of Pink, isn't probably the most interesting colour out there, but it's a great essential hot pink, this is two coats x

It's probably more of a Spring / Summer colour but I needed cheering up and nothing does that more than bright fingers and toes x Let me know what you think?


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