Friday 18 November 2011

Collective Haulage - All The B's - Boots, and Boohoo

It's funny how things change isn't it, at the start of the month I was struggling a bit financially, and I was ebaying like a demon to pull together some Christmas funds, within a week though of the month starting my bank paid out on a longstanding PPI claim, I have money! I've been a good girl though I've paid off some bills, and I've made a major dent in my Christmas shopping but I have bought myself a few things, so yes this is a haul post! I haven't bought this all at once this haul is over the last couple of weeks, I'm going to do my haul posts like this from now on, saving the goodies till I have a few things to show you. Anyways on with the show :)

First up a Boots haul, as you know all the Christmas gifts are on 3 for 2, can you guess what I bought ? Well this year the amazing London department store and print designer Liberty has produced a range with feline icon Hello Kitty, and guess what it's being sold in Boots! My mum has already bought me a few bits towards my Christmas pressie, but I wanted a few more pieces - first up the Hello Eyes Eye Shadow Compact

The palette contains 8 colour including neutrals, smokes and a splash of colour

I was really surprised by this palette I really wasn't expecting these shadows to be any good, but believe it or not they are! they are so soft and as you can see here they are super pigmented

This is a super sweet palette, but do you know what the sweetest thing is, this a little Hello Kitty design embossed on the mirror :)

I also got the Hello Lips Lip Gloss Collection, this comes in a gorgeous metal tin, which I plan on storing
hair clips in :)

The kit comes with 4 colours Natural, Light Pink, Dark Pink and Plum

Again these are surprisingly really pigmented, there really is a full coverage gloss for all occasions in this kit. They also have a pretty pleasant fruity taste. My one concern with these is the wands, the Liberty print is beautiful but it's only a sticker, so I can imagine they may start to look a little grubby after a while which is a shame :(

So that was two gifts so what did I choose for the free one, well staying with the Hello Kitty and  Liberty collaboration I went for a phone case

This case will be great for most phone types, and it's perfect for keeping my Blackberry safe :)
OK, time to act my age now lol I also bought a few other bits in Boots including another one of the L'Oreal Color Infaillible eye shadows

I really love these eye shadows, and the shade I got was 021 Sahara Treasure, a lovely sandy gold

I also got my hands on the new 17 BB Blemish Balm

I'm a bit obsessed with these at the moment so I thought I'd try this one out, I went for Medium, but to be honest I probably could have gone for either shade and they seemed pretty adaptable

I'm going to do a full review of all the BB Creams I have for you but it will probably be after Christmas now, I have quite a few posts planned between now and when Santa comes :)

Finally I ordered this kimono shrug style top from Boohoo

This one is called the Erin. I really like the style of these I've already another one and I really fancy this one in the cream or the mustard - whoops! Never mind I'm not really intending to wear this at the moment but I think it will be nice in the summer over a vest and some jeans, or even over a black dress.

If you want to see more on this haul please check out this video I made, talking a bit more about the items I bought :)

So, that was my little haul, I have to be honest and say I've got a few other bits on their way, which I'll hopefully show in the next week or so x If you have any questions on anything please let me know xx 


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