Monday 28 November 2011

Nails Of The Day - My First Attempt At Magnetic Nails With 17

OK I know your probably getting sick of posts on the newest nail craze to hit the blogosphere but I think its something worth posting about :). I finally managed to get my grubby little hands on a bottle of the 17 Magnetized Polish a few weeks ago. Although I had a little try on one nail to show someone how it worked I hadn't had time to do a full manicure with it until now.

This is Green, which is much more of a teal shade than a classic green. It's a little bit more times consuming and fiddly than I expected it to be but the effect is amazing. Lots of people have described it as tiger stripes, but it reminds me of tie dye, the way the colours seem to run into each other and blend together

I have to say I love this much, much more than the crackle effect, this actually looks much more expensive and almost as if it's been airbrushed. I can't wait to try the Nails Inc colours that I may be getting from Santa, but in the meantime I'm definitely going to try and track down the blue in the 17 range. What do you think of magnetic nails?


  1. I have green and purple from the Fashionista range and love them. I do manage to hit my nail with the magnet at times though *blush*
    The effect is gorgeous and worth the extra effort.
    Will have to check out 17 as well. A girl can never have too many pretty nail polishes

  2. i have been eyeing up the magnetic polish,this looks absolutly fab i am going to buy some :)

  3. I'm not getting sick of the magnetic polishes :) I don't have any myself, so I'm living vicariously through everyone else!


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