Monday 7 November 2011

My Name Is Tallulah - Nails Of The Day

I have to be honest and say that I only bought this nail polish for its name, named after one of my fur babies, Zoya Tallulah is the most gorgeous blue

Don't think of Tallulah as a flat blue, it has a gorgeous shimmer running though it

I have to say I love my blue nail polishes, and this one is a new favourite, it is a great clean fresh shade. What do you think of  Tallulah both the nail polish and the furry variety ;)?


  1. Shes gorgeouss!
    I love the colour too its very pretty

  2. Gorgeous nail polish, I'm a big fan of blues and purples.
    Miss Tallulah is so cute, she reminds me of my childhood kitty

  3. The colour is nice but nowhere near as lovely as your delightful kitty :)


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