Saturday 14 May 2011

Metro Centre and Ebay Purchasing

Hey my loves this post is a little late because of bloggers meltdown, and my evening out but on Thursday me and Mummy Lou popped to the Metro Centre to see if we could find something for my birthday :) We got a few things for said event and I picked up a few things myself - first up Top Shop - If your a Top Shop cardholder you normally get sent a voucher just before your birthday containing a discount, you used to be able to use it online but for the last couple of years you've only been able to use it in store. My purchases weren't super interesting but still - first up these ruffle, ridge style vest in both white and in purple

Then just some plain vests in white and this kind of peachy nude colour

I also got one of the loose powder blushers in Rosy - it's quite a subtle peachy pink shade ideal for a splash of natural colour

the little sponge applicator


Then I popped to Superdrug to pick up one of the new Beauty Cards I also had a little look at the make up I was particularly looking for the new Sleek lipsticks but the Sleek display was pretty empty so I went to look at the new Beauty UK releases - like last week they still had no testers for anything but I took the chance and picked up two of the baked blushers - well it would have been wrong not too they had a special offer on where you could get 2 baked products for only £6.00 and Mummy LouLou paid :). First up I got one of the lovely pink shades 1 Candy Shop

It looks quite scary in the pan but it really isn't

I also got 5 Peaches and Cream, a lovely neutral peach tone

This is so pretty if you like Nars Orgasm then you should like this x

I am really impressed they maybe aren't for you if you don't like shimmer or if you have darker skins but they are really pretty - I wore the pink one on Friday night and I have to say it was soooo pretty and fresh  x

I know I said on twitter that I wasn't going to pick up another copy of Instyle but I did, my subscription copy didn't come with the free Nails Inc polish and once I saw some swatches of Electric Teal I knew I wanted it :)

So that was my Metro Centre haulage pretty restrained for me I'm sure you'll agree but I do have a few bits to show you that came from ebay - first up nails I placed a little order a few weeks ago with Enchanted Beauty Spot I just got the 3 things, an OPI polish in Not Like The Movies - this was from the Katy Perry collection and I love it, I love anything that shimmers and changes colour

Next up some OPI Avoplex -I've used lots and lots of nail oils and I have to say this is my favourite - my nails are so dry at the moment and I really need this heavy duty moisturiser

Finally I ordered Essie Allure - I am planning on wearing this nude shade with Bourjois Rose Lounge to try and replicate Catherine Middleton's wedding day nails x

This next purchase was my first post Project 10 Pan make up purchase I ordered these the day after I finished P10P Bad LouLou :) It was the much talked about Wet n Wild Color Icon palettes

I got the six palettes in 249 Vanity which is the brown toned palette, with 3 matte and 3 shimmer shades ranging from dark brown to cream

and I also got 247 Pride, which is the blues and greens palette again it contains 3 matte and 3 shimmer shades, ranging from a white to a dark blue x

I also got a few more US make up bits via ebay including a L'oreal HIP Eyeshadow Duo in 936 Rascal, a pinkish nude shade and a dark smokey grey

I also got a L'Oreal HIP Intense Definition Eye Pencil in 325 Dark Night, a dark brown

and a Maybelline Eye Studio Cream Shadow Trio in 102 Silver Starlet

If you have any questions or if you would like any reviews or any more swatches please let me know xx 
Obviously like most bloggers I am a little bit behind on my postings this week so I will try to catch up but obviously tomorrow is my birthday but I will try to sneak in a little post x


  1. i love the colours of those baked blushers, i may have to go and check them out :)

    Katie x

  2. Ooh what a lovely haul, and those BeautyUK blushers look lovely!

    Happy birthday for tomorrow, hope that it's wonderful xx

  3. I just love that sponge applicator. I want one.

  4. Where did you find the US stuff? :-)

  5. @Katie - for the price they are well worth a look x
    @Jenny - thank you my lovely xx
    @Jaljen - I can't see it been very hygenic in the long term but its a good way to dispense loose powder blushers x
    @tousledkitten - ebay :) if you search by products international sellers often come up x I got the HIP stuff from an ebay seller that also has their own online store

  6. Oh I'm so jealous of all your make-up bits, I'm dying to buy some make-up... especially foundation but I'm unsure what to brand to buy!! :? xx

  7. i got the nails inc polish too,cant believe you didnt get it with you mag though,thats unfair! :)

  8. I still need to get one of the Superdrug cards! Love the blushers you got - v pretty :) I hate when mags you subscribe to come without the free gift :(


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