Wednesday 4 May 2011

Products I've Rediscovered /Shopping My Stash - Part 1 - Eyes and Bits (Pic Heavy)

I've been promising this post and the accompanying video for a while now but it's took quite a bit of planning and photographing. Doing Project 10 Pan has been a steep learning curve for me in many ways but one of the key things that has helped me through it, is shopping my stash. Basically what this means is looking through your own make up collection and rediscovering old products. To be honest I was really shocked by how many products I had used and loved at first but relegated to the drawer when something new came along. Over the last 5 or so months I have rediscovered so many fabulous products I thought I'd show you some of my top finds :) I have quite a few things to show you so I have split it into two posts - first up eyes !

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Cream Eyeshadow - 06 Ivory Lace

A pretty recent purchase as far as my stash goes, I bought this in Duty Free last year loved it and then relegated it. I first dug this out again when MAC released the Cham Pale collection earlier in the year. I had my heart set on one of the paint pots but shock of horrors I didn't need it. Ivory Lace was similar enough to Chilled on Ice for me to say dupe! Maybe slightly less shimmery, but a great neutral either on its own or as a base, and it doesn't come off :)

Maybelline Studio Secrets Eyeshadow Quad - 60 Spirited Seas

The first item from a swap which I rediscovered - I received this gorgeous eyeshadow quad from the lovely Michelle at Lipstick Rules, at the time we didn't have these in the UK and I have to say they are amazing, the shadows are soooo soft and pigmented. I've particularly used the neutral tones (click here to see a look) but the blue and turquoise are great for a bright look.

Maybelline Studio Secrets Marbleized Eyeshadow Duos in 50 Tantalizing Teal and 80 Sinful Sinnamon

More Maybelline goodies from Michelle - we can now get these duos in the UK but I haven't seen these two - Tantalizing Teal - a bright turquoise / teal, and a shimmery blue and white marble effect great for a brighter, fresher look, and Sinful Sinnamon a gorgeous, burnished pink /copper and a pale pink copper marble, great for a neutral with a twist everyday look as seen below :)

Famous By Sue Moxley - Eye Shadow Shimmer - Shade 2

I purchased this a little while ago when the revamped Sue Moxley range relaunched in Superdrug, The Shu Uemura esq packaging to be honest isn't great the name rubbed off pretty much straight away and it feels a little plasticy, not only that but the label is coming of the back :(. The shadow however is a gem - a lovely shimmery silver taupe - I've worn this a lot over the last few months and it's a lovely shade not the best texture admittedly but it looks gorgeous on it's own on or even applied wet. 

NYX Eyeshadow Trio - TS30A In The Woods

Next up another swap item from the lovely Michelle - I know the reason this was relegated to the back of the drawer - the Urban Decay Naked Palette which contains very similar colours came into my life. This is a gorgeous trio, the colours are so soft and pigmented, and it's great for an everyday neutral look :)

KIKO Sun Mousse Eyeshadow - 04 Light Green

Another swap item, this time from the lovely Lydia, a cream eyeshadow in a lovely golden green colour - I love colours like this and you don't need very much of this one, it's not the longest lasting so I've been pairing it with a powder shadow from Lacura (review coming soon). Here is just a quick look of what it looks like on the eyes on it's own x

Next up a couple of random things that I've rediscovered

MAC Fix + Rose
Next up something that could be a make up item or it could be a skin care item. I bought this from MAC's Rose Romance collection. I tried using it to set my make up but to be honest it just didn't work for me. Where Fix + does work and what I've been using it for is to foil eyeshadows. It works particularly well with baked and mineral shadows but I've also been using it on cheaper shadows such as the Sue Moxley one but particularly on two MAC shades that are nearing the ends of their lives and have gone a little bit crumbly. (Be careful if you use it on shadows that aren't baked though as it can ruin them or you may end up having to scrape a layer off x) Using fix plus to dampen my brush before applying Sumptuous Olive and Idol Eyes, has given the eyeshadow not only a new depth but it intensifies the metallic pigments and make it look super shiny. I've used Sumptuous Olive wet here so you can see the difference when you dampen it down, and here are some swatches of Idol Eyes - the left swatch is dry and the right has been dampened down with Fix +

Boots No7 Trio Concealer
It seems a bit of a funny one to include a concealer in a rediscovered products post but I have. The simple reason is that for the last few months my skin dare I say it has actually been pretty clear, and relatively blemish free and for a while I was actually using a darker concealer whilst my tan faded. So as I got paler and I had the odd blemish (or more than the odd blemish over the last week grr)I dug this product out. I've done a mini review and some swatches of this concealer which you can see here x
I hope you've enjoyed this little look at my rediscovered eye products and bits and bobs next up my rediscovered cheek and lip products which will  hopefully by up on Friday or Saturday, but in the mean time you can watch this video where I talk about some of the products in this post x

Any questions please ask x


  1. Did Moxley relaunch in Superdrug? I've only ever seen it in TJ Hughes and it wasn't very good (suede polish).

  2. It did yes some of the make up is ok I've heard good things about the mineralised bronzer haven't tried any of polishes tho x

  3. Ohhh, I recently purchased the Maybelline Studio Eyeshadow Duo in the Green, I haven't used it yet, but I am excited to x


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