Friday 6 May 2011

Products I've Rediscovered / Shopping My Stash - Part 2 - Lips and Cheeks (Pic Heavy Again)

OK I have lots of Eyeshadows but I have to say I tend to vary them on a day to day basis, my lips and cheeks however tend to remain broadly similar. During Project 10 Pan though I've gotten a bit bored with wearing the same things whilst knowing that I couldn't buy anything new, so again I delved deeper into my stash to find some things I had forgotten about - first up lips  :)

Laura Geller Dream Creams Lip Palette - Apricot Berry

I have to say this palette has been a bot of a breakaway from the safety of my pale pinks and nudes, with gorgeous colours of peaches, golds, pinks and corals, this palette contains 4 fab shades, that taste amazingly of vanilla and have an unbelievably smooth creamy texture, that doesn't dry your lips and actually lasts. You get the four colours but you can mix them to create completely different colours. I'm so pleased I rediscovered this and it's definitely going to be used even more in the summer :)

MAC Lipglass - Kitty Kouture

I actually bought this from a blog sale, from the Kitty Kouture range of MAC by Hello Kitty (I have the little charm from the tube on something else) this is a gorgeous super pale pink lipgloss with just a hint of glitter - I haven't been using this on it own though I've been using it over this.....

MAC Lipstick - Fabby

This is perhaps my favourite lipstick ever by MAC - Fabby a gorgeous neutral pink, with the merest hint of gold shimmer - completely underrated in my opinion but I hadn't quite been showing this enough love until that was I put Kitty Kouture over the top :)

MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner - Pink Fish

Another product from the MAC Hello Kitty Collection, sadly this too was being ignored. The arrival of Sleek Pout Polish in Powder Pink, just before Project 10 Pan started meant that this one got a little less love than it should, my tanned skin just suited the brighter tone better, but as laziness and winter ploughed on the paler hues of Pink Fish suited me better. Super quick application = a bit of moisture and a flash of colour.

YSL Rouge Volupte No 1 - Nude Beige

What can I say about this lipstick I love it, the texture, the taste the colour so why have I shown it so little love until recently? maybe I was scared to use it £21.50 is a lot of money for a lipstick, but why did I continue to use my other two Rouge Voluptes - I really don't know but I grabbed this last month and I have worn it at least once a week since :) click here to see a pic of it on x

NARS Lip Lacquer - Chelsea Girls

It's funny how so many of these lip products can be used with a brush, maybe the discovery of a good lip brush (Laura Geller) has lead to a bit of experimentation, who knows? This was one of the first Nars products I bought and I have to say I love it such a pretty glossy nude, that you can apply with a brush or your fingers making it super quick to use. My only issue is the smell why do Nars lip things always smell odd?

Next up a product that works on both lips and cheeks :)

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge For Lips and Cheeks - 11 Pale Pink


I bought this in Larnaca airport as part of a mass Duty Free haul last year and you can guess the story I used it for a little while and then moved onto something new, but over the last few months I've been using this pretty regularly again. A gorgeous pink shade it goes on pretty bright as you can see but it blends down quite nicely to give a pink flush to the cheeks

and you can use as I generally have been as a lip colour too - sorry for the bad picture but it gives a nice semi matte colour

NYX Rouge Cream Blush - CB02 Natural

Another ignored cream product this time from NYX, for a little while my cream blushers of choice have either been by MAC, Illamasqua or Top Shop but then I remembered this beauty - a lovely neutral peach/pink shade that blends down to a lovely healthy glow :)

Cosmetics à la Carte - Cheek Colour - Rose

I won this blusher quite a few years ago now for a competition in a hair and beauty magazine. Cosmetics a la Carte wasn't a brand I'd heard of before, obviously I have now though :) This blusher is gorgeous a gorgeous natural peach / pink shade. I've worn this a lot through the winter months as I think it works best when my skin is paler.

2true True Colour Blusher - Shade No. 1*

I was originally sent this to review quite a while ago now, so long ago that I can't actually find my review, and I have to say I've recently dug it out of my stash and it's as good as I remember it. Again a peach /pink shade this is probably a tiny bit more peach than the Cosmetics a la Carte one but they are pretty similar - this is definitely worth the £1.99 that it would cost to buy :)

Check this little video that I made about these products and more about why I've fallen back in love with them x

I hope you've enjoyed this little look at some of the goodies that I've rediscovered - my advice to you all is look at what you already have before your buy something new, chances are you'll either have something similar or you'll find something you love that you've forgotten about xx Any questions please ask x

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