Monday 30 May 2011

It's Monday So What Does That Mean....

Goods and Bads that's what :)

  • I've put all the weight back on that I lost I am starting again today - I feel pretty disheartened about the whole thing if I'm being honest - my doctors said it will be hard for me but I really need to give it my best shot I am the heaviest I have ever been :(
  • Mummy Lou is still battling her illness demons shes has been given some inhalators and some medication but she is still suffering from partial deafness :(
  • ME sucks - I have had pain for the last few days particularly in my back and my hips :(
  • Money or lack of need I say more - I could really do with a holiday but spending money on everything but means it's very unlikely
  • Blogger - you are crap! it still isn't letting me leave comments and I have problems uploading pictures today
  • Camera trouble - my camera is being shall we say erratic the battery compartment needs taping shut and now it's refusing to focus
  • Blogging - I am rediscovering my love for blogging again - I have lots of ideas for posts and I am trying to keep it more focused on beauty and fashion don't get me wrong I am still going to do the odd personal post or post about other things I just feel I need to find a specific place in the blogging world
  • Talking of my blog I hope you have noticed my pretty new header - designed by the lovely Liloo - It's so cute and I think I describes my blog better than my old one x
  • Parcels and Goodies - yes I know I have just whinged about my lack of finances and I will definitely be getting back on track next month but I am waiting for lots of lovely goodies I have a few haul posts planned which always excites me - a few won't come till June now but they will still be counted as May spends ;)
  • You guys :) huge thanks to my new followers, and huge thanks to everyone who has purchased from my blog sale there are still a few bits left, and providing you pay today I will post tomorrow x Also a huge thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway the winner will be up later tonight xx
So that was where I'm at today - I have a few posts planned for this week including 2 reviews, a May Summary, and some haulage. See You Then xx

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