Monday 23 May 2011

A Very Small ASOS Haul

Hi Guys
I am not doing a Good and Bads post this week I am feeling a bit crappy and don't want to bombard my blog with negativity instead a tiny baby sized haul for you from ASOS - I had a few Diet Coke codes left so I decided to utilise one and spend some of my birthday money. First up a bits of an essential - this quite little tree style earring holder

At the moment I am trying to sort my jewellery out a bit and I needed some more storage for some of my dangly earrings - this is really cute and is the same creamy colour as the other earring holder I have from Debenhams. I will post some pictures of it filled when I finish getting my bling sorted. I have long promised you a jewellery storage post and I promise I will do it for you as soon as I can

My second and last item was a little one from NARS - My NARS desire has been rapidly increasing over the last few weeks so I thought I'd try and stem it a bit by buying a little eyeshadow duo

I eventually went for Exotic Dance from the new Summer collection. As much as a liked the must talked about Dogon, I think I will probably get more wear out of Exotic Dance - a metallic white with silver sheen and a metallic gold

So that was it a suitably mini haul looking forward for the rest of the week feeling ill not withstanding I have a few posts planned including at least one review so don't forget to keep checking back x Oh and hi to all of my new followers I hope you stick around xx

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  1. Lovely e/s, perfect summery neutrals. And the earrings holder thing is too cute for words!


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