Tuesday 17 May 2011

Nails Inc Bargains

Last week I got a little email from Nails Inc telling me about one of their special offers. If you subscribe to emails from Nails Inc every so often they will send you an email telling you about a special offer or a special priced collection. Last weeks was a goodie 6 polishes for just £15, baring in mind Nails Inc retails at around £11.50 a bottle it was well worth it. I also had a 20% discount code via InStyle magazine (Instyle20) so it would have been wrong not to place an order ;)
The only catch with the offer is that it was a lucky dip so you couldn't choose which colours you'd like but it was a chance worth taking :)
Well they came today and I have to say I am so pleased with the collection and the colours that I was sent :)

Top Row - From L-R - Spring Mews - a minty turquoise green, Maple Street - a dark golden bronze, and Blenheim Terrace - a peachy nude with a slight shimmer

Bottom Row - From L-R - Culford Gardens - a gorgeous sparkly gold, Villiers Street - a gorgeous shimmery metallic red and Garrick Street - a gorgeous metallic purple shot through with blue

I don't own any of these colours which was a bit of a surprise considering how many Nails Inc polishes I already have :) Culford Gardens and Villiers Street are quite similar to Westminster Abbey and Sandringham from The Royal Collection but I love both colours and they are ever so slightly different so I'll be hanging on to them :)

Since I was placing an order anyways I couldn't resist ordering something from my wishlist Lexington Street

None of my pics will do this justice but it really is gorgeous it's described as metallic purple with an emerald green glitter effect gorgeous :) I really wanted Franklins Row too but alas that seems to be long gone but Garrick Street for me seems to be a close enough dupe so I am a happy Lou x

Not only that but last night I found out I had won a Nails Inc Goodie Bag from an online discount cosmetic store :) and I won an Orly polish from a blog giveaway I certainly am lucky at the moment - I'll obviously post pics etc. when they come. Any questions in the meantime let me know xx


  1. Ooh love all of them! I'm always tempted by the Lucky Dips, I did it once and got some gorgeous polishes but they are so frequent that I just can't afford them! You got some gorgeous colours though, Maple Street and Garrick Street look beautiful! I'm jealous now haha xxx

  2. ooog that is a very good bargain for Nails Inc :-) love it when companies give could offers and discounts x

  3. Great selection. You ARE lucky. I have never dared to do the lucky dip. I am sure they would send me a bunch of pinks....

  4. Wow, those are gorgeous, what a lucky bargain!

  5. I'm always tempted but I never buy them - the colours you got were gorgeous! x

  6. You lucky thing getting those colours. I'm always tempted but worry that i will get rubbishy colours x


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