Monday 2 May 2011

The A'kin Instant Radiance Facial Masque - A Review For My Pure

I have to say I love face masks - at least one a week I stick on a mask and have a few minutes pamper time. My favourites are deep cleansing masks, to properly cleanse my face and clean my pores, and brightening masks, to give my skin a real boost when it's feeling dull. That's why I chose a face mask as part of my April review package from My Pure.

The mask I chose was from Australian brand A'kin. I've talked about A'kin a lot on my blog I have to say they are one of my favourite brands I've discovered though My Pure. The mask I chose was the A'kin Multi Fruit & Willow Bark Instant Radiance Facial Mask.

Designed to brighten and improve the skin tone, this mask contains all sorts of things such as Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), these sound really scary but they are just fruit acids in this case Bilberry, and the also scary sounding Beta Hydroxy Acid which in this case comes from Willow Bark, both of these ingredients help with the removal of dead skin and help with surface skin renewal. The mask also contains ingredients such as Organic Rosehip Oil, Vitamin B3, Pomegranate, and  Hyaluronic Acid to help produce a smoother more radiant complexion.

The product comes boxed and packaged in a a pump action dispenser - I love pump action dispensers as you know and this is a good one the product remains airtight, and it's easy to dispense exactly how much you need

The products itself has a strange but not unpleasant slightly oily herbal fragrance, which thankfully isn' t too strong. The product has a very creamy texture which spreads easily onto the skin.

To use it I applied it all over my face avoiding the area, the mask felt slightly cool on the initial application, and it did feel slightly tingly as time went on, which is normal with this mask. Here we go a scary face shot :)

Unlike most brightening masks which should only be left on for a couple of minutes, you need to leave this one on between 5-10 minutes. The mask doesn't set so you just remove it when your times up. As you would expect with a cream product it was pretty easy to wash off warm water. My skin certainly felt tingly and more alive, but as you can see from this pic it was left looking a tiny bit red.

I didn't notice any improvement in the smoothness or texture of my skin but the tone was certainly brighter and better. If your skin is sensitive I would only use this for 5 minutes maximum but if you want to give your skin a proper boost, maybe after the long winter months or illness, or for a special event this mask is probably worth a try. The A'kin Multi Fruit & Willow Bark Instant Radiance Facial Masque retails at £21.99 for 50ml from My Pure.

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