Saturday 21 May 2011

Primark Opia Snag Free Hair Bands - A Product Review and Rave

This is a bit of a strange one in my Product Rave series but it's one that full deserves the praise it's going to get. I have longish, thin hair but I have an awful lot of it, so my hair actually appears to be quite thick  -I love wearing my hair down when its straightened and preened to perfection but this is England we got rain and lots of wind which isn't really where it's at for long swishy hair so I tend to tie it up or back.
Long gone are the days of scrunchie, yes I remember wearing loads of scrunchies in the one ponytail! so now I use a rather more respectable plain black or brown band, with an occasional sparkly bobble or bright colour. Stretchy ponytail bands really are a must but they can be quite damaging to the hair, the metal bits of the bobble have a tendency to catch and pull on the hair.
In the last few years or so new type of bobble has hit the high street, snag free, metal free, ouchless bands - I love these bands you can sleep in them and most important they don't pull or tear the hair when you take them in and out. There is always a negative though and with these bands it's the price averaging around £2.00 for a pack of 12 or less - that isn't so bad but when you have a little black and white furry cat that thinks bobbles are there to play with, and chew into pieces then it becomes a bit spendy

On a recent trip to Primark however I discovered their own version of the snag free bobble

For just £1.00 you get around 30 black, snag free hair bobbles (The packet says 30 but I got 34 bobbles in my last packet). You get two sizes of bobble a thicker band and a thinner band

The thinner bands admittedly aren't that strong but if you have children ,fine hair, or your only tying back a small amount hair these would be great - In both packets I've had you get slightly less of this thickness x

The thicker bands are my favourites and you generally seem to get more of these ones - the packet pictured contained 18 of these, they are strong enough to hold back all of my hair at once and they seem to last quite a while without fraying or bagging.

Just a little pic to show you how effective these are on my hair length and thickness

I think these bobbles are really good for the price, they don't pull or drag and above all they actually keep the hair in place. I've used them on both wet and dry hair with great success and no damage. I've bought a couple of packets of these now and I won't go back to buying the more expensive brands there is simply no need these ones do the job perfectly well. Primark Opia Hair Bands retail at £1.00 for 30. Any questions please ask x


  1. Aaw, such a cute kitten you have there! :) Ours loves stealing the girls' hairbands too (but he doesn't give them back). I might gives these a go, I currently have some Claire's ones but they are more expensive. Oh and I have to admit, I still wear scrunchies at home because they are the best for my hair. (I'll go and hide under a rock now.)

  2. I've been using primarks range of snag frees since they came out! Life savers, and they are kind to your hair, nothing worse than getting your ponytail tangled in those awful metal clips!! £1.. you can't go wrong! x


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