Wednesday 18 May 2011

Dorothy Perkins and Next Haulage :)

Ever the sucker for a discount code and the word sale I had a little splurge over the weekend. Next very kindly emailed me a £5 discount code to celebrate my birthday - how many companies do this now I had loads of discount emails over the weekend? Anyways there wasn't anything clothes wise I fancied but I did fancy a pair of shoes, well trainers to be precise

These are the NX Tone Ups, basically Nexts version of MBT'S, Sketchers Shape Ups, and Reebox EasyTones. Basically trainers that are designed to work you muscles and help your legs tone up. As you know I can't do a lot of excercise because of my ME so to be honest I need every bit of help I can get - I also love these because they are specially designed to ease the impact on your knees, hips and ankles. I tried them today and they are so comfy and supportive especially around my ankle bones which is exactly what I've been looking for - I got them for £40 instead of £45 which is much cheaper than any of the other trainers of this type.

Next up Dorothy Perkins - It's VIP week so they are offering 25% off online with the code DPVIPD - So it would have been wrong not to have a little splurge - As well as a pair of boring black leggingsI got this frill ribbed vest
This is the coral but I also got it in the electric blue, and the stone x

I also got this petal trimmed top - it's basically a navy blue t with an elasticated hem and cute little chiffon heart petals on the sleeves

It is so sweet the pics really aren't doing it justice - I have also just ordered it in the coral and yes the discount code worked again :)
So that was yet another haul ;) I am trying to recap a bit via an updated blog sale page which you can check out above. Any questions please let me know x


  1. Love that second DP top - may have to get one myself! When's your birthday by the way? It's mine on Monday, and so far I've only had a Space NK offer - nothing else! I just put in a big Next order as well... xx

  2. Thanks my love my birthday was on Sunday xx

  3. I love that coral vest :) Happy Belated Bday xx


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