Monday 16 May 2011

Lots of Goods and A Couple of Tiny Bads

Hey my loves welcome to this weeks goods and bad posts which for once is predominantly positive :)

  • Yesterday in case you didn't  know was my birthday - my celebrations started on Friday when I went for a gorgeous meal with one of my best friends - I know she reads my blog so Hi Dawn :) It was really nice to spend some time together and catch up - sometimes life just gets in and we don't see as much of our friends as we should x Saturday was pretty quiet apart from a visit from some relatives and then of course there was the big day itself. Unusually for my birthday it was quite a quiet one the relatives I usually spend time with were on holiday so it was just me and Mummy Lou so what did we do? we had a great but quiet day, chatting and eating yummy food to almost bursting point :)Check out my gluten free birthday carrot cake above ;) I was so spoilt by all my friends and family it was untrue - a few of you have requested a pressie post so I'll try and get that up today or tomorrow :) I did get a little bit of spends but that has already gone whoops, thanks to ASOS, Dorothy Perkins, Nails Inc, and believe it or not H&M - yes I know I ranted about their service but £2.99 for a dress is just to good to turn down!
  • As well as my immediate friends and family I was also overwhelmed by the lovely birthday wishes from you guys on both here and on twitter, and by all my facebook friends everyone was so kind yesterday and I really appreciate it x
  • I suppose with every good there has to be a bad and unfortunately I broke one of the little lugs on the battery compartment of my camera which means the battery compartment won't shut properly and the camera keeps turning itself off - I am managing at the moment by taping it up but I really need a better solution or a new camera grr
  • and of course it wouldn't be a good and bads post without a bit on my ankle - well it started to hurt on Saturday morning and I had to wear my splint all weekend to walk without pain grr thankfully it seems to be ok this morning but I guess it's just one of the things I'm going to have to get used to
  • Well that was rather positive on the whole wasn't it  :) I have a few planned posts for this week mainly ones that I never got round to from last week hmm. First up there will be my birthday pressie haul, then maybe a product rave and then a product review and drumroll... a giveaway. I will also be posting an updated blog sale page on Wednesday after blogger kindly lost half of my items hmm. Thanks as per usual for sticking around and thanks for being lovely xx


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