Wednesday 25 May 2011

Erm How Can I Put This.......? Haul!!!

I apologise guys I really don't know what to say but believe it or not I have a bit more haulage for you. On Tuesday my mum had to take her car for it's one month service ?? why I really don't know surely it doesn't need servicing after just 4 weeks ! never mind I joined her on a little trip to Durham. The garage isn't in the city centre it actually in between two retail parks on the outskirts of Durham - yup I said it retail parks!
Durham City Retail Park isn't that exciting mainly PC World, B&Q and Argos, but Dragonville is much better :). We didn't go to Tesco this time instead we headed straight for some proper shops - first up TK Maxx. I mentioned this TK Maxx on one of my previous Durham days but this one is so orderly it's untrue, it's super tidy and the rails aren't stuffed full. On my last visit I complained about the lack of shoes in larger sizes but this time it was much better - Mummy Lou was kind enough to buy these babies for me to compensate for the pile of things she bought lol - they aren't the most attractive beasts but they are so comfy

Birkenstocks! or more precisely Silver Madrid Birkenstocks I already have a white pair with two straps (Arizona?) and they are soooo comfy I love them - they were £22.99 but they have an RRP of £39.95 :)

As I say Mummy Lou bought me these because she bought loads of things for herself, she also bought herself a few things in Matalan but nothing really appealed - I did however pop into Peacocks :) This shop is really coming into it's own with me lately they have some lovely things especially in the fashion jewellery line :) . First up I got this super cute earring set - with having 4 piercings in each ear I often like to wear hoops in three of my holes and a little stud in the bottom one and these certainly fit the bill.

 Try as I might couldn't capture them on camera so I've borrowed the pic from the Peacocks website - you get a pair of tiny daisies, a pair of tiny butterflies, and some opal type crystals

I also got these dangly earrings daisies again - these are very similar to some rings I own from Primark

and I got this faux jade stone ring - this is very similar to a Primark / River Island one that I wanted some time ago love this :)

and finally from Peacocks I picked up another make up item - this is the get the smoky look kit from Evie Glam

This little kit contains 2 eyeshadows, and a mini khol pencil and mascara

It was only £4 :) I will doing a full review of this product as well as the other items I've recently purchased from Evie Glam for my Budget Beauty series so don't forget to look out for it x

That was my haul from Durham but I got him just in time for a delivery from Home Delivery Network  - the outer parcel was soaking wet with grey / black raindrops  clearly visible on the red plastic, it was delivered in a bit of monsoon maybe with a bit of volcanic ash added urgh!!
Anyway the contents of the parcel was perfectly fine - it was from River Island - can you guess what was in it? Yes it was an item from my wishlist - the polka dot and pansy scarf :)

I absolutely love it is much longer than I thought almost pashmina a like and it can  be worn in loads of different ways - bad pic of it just draped around my neck :)

Another item kind of sneaked into my backed a pair of cute Henry Holland socks that were in the sale :)

So that was my haul - I am waiting for a few online purchases which I will update you on as they come but you can expect to see some Milani, some Color Club, some H&M, some L'Oreal HIP, and maybe cough cough some NARS and some Daniel Sandler eek I have spent soooooo much money this month I've stopped counting June will definitely be more frugal I promise. In an attempt to earn a bit of cash and sort out my overflowing drawers and wardrobes I have spent the afternoon sorting out my wardrobe I am nowhere near finished but I have already fill a bin bag full of things for ebay, so don't forget to keep any eye on my sidebar for more ebay updates → I will also be updating my blog sale at the weekend again there are a few bits left and reduced from the last update so don't forget to have a look x I have a mountain of coat hangers to clear off my bed so I better stop rambling and get to it x Any questions as per usual leave me a comment x Next up a review I promise x


  1. I love the first shoes!
    Great Haul xxx

  2. I love the scarf and ring! Great haul! :)

  3. Ohh you are naughty but i love that scarf. I really like Peacocks at the min too, sadly our local store is a bit poo x


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