Friday 6 May 2011

Thursdays Shopping Spree Unsurprisingly Picture Heavy

Hey my loves as you probably already know from my Goods and Bads post and my tweets - on Thursday I went shopping to the Metro Centre with my Godmother. We usually have at least 4 shopping trips a year usually falling around Christmas and Birthdays and so on. The purpose of this trip was of course to buy Moi at birthday pressie - my Godparents don't really like to give money and they would rather give me something I want so away we went. My Godmothers friend accompanied us for at least part of the trip but we still managed to get a few things towards my birthday gift - no pictures yet as she's taken the goodies home to wrap up so I have something to open on the day :) I did however unsurprisingly purchase a few bits for myself :)
First up Primark - I didn't really look at the clothes to carefully if I'm being honest instead I looked at accessories - First up this super cute polka dot rose hairband .It reminded me a bit of Miriam Clegg's fascinator - yes I know I slated her but at least she got her self noticed :) and she had the guts to go her own way x

It's basically just a thin black satin hairband, with layers of spotty chiffon and lace formed into a rose and better still it was only £2. Next up some more hair accessories - I'm not going to say too much about these - strange as it is they are getting a post in their own right - 30 black hair bobbles for only £1 :)

My only Primark jewellery purchase this visit was this huge ring. Again a typical LouLou purchase yes daisies - two huge lilac toned crystal daisies :) at only £2.50

I also got a few Sesame Street, and Fraggle Rock nightwear and underwear purchases which I'm not going to show you, and I also picked up this nail polish - I have never tried a Primark polish before but this one supposedly glows under UV light

It's the Glo Baby Glo UV Reactive Nail Polish in the shade Beige Brilliance. It looks really nice in the bottle a sort of peach/copper toned shimmery beige and it was worth a shot for £2.00

Next up more jewellery bits this time from Peacocks - first up these dangly drop Daisy earrings which were £3.00

and this ring which again features yes, daisies, in coral, orange, yellow and white - this was £4.00

Next up a few beauty purchases first up the Impulse / Barry M offer - there is currently an offer in Boots which I believe will spread to Tesco and Superdrug this week or next where you can buy one of three selected cans of Impulse body spray and with it you get a Limited Edition Barry M Lipgloss Wand for just £3, instead of a retail price of more than £6

I picked 2 of the sprays Very Pink, and Tease

It's no surprise that Very Pink comes with a pale pink lipgloss that has a yummy fruit scent, and my personal favourite Tease, comes with a sheer nude gloss, that has a toffee type taste. The fragrance that I didn't get was Into Glamour which comes with a clear gloss. I've done a couple of swatches for you - the pink is obviously on the left and the sheer nude is on the right

I also picked up a couple of nail polishes - first up this one which I saw on the lovely Makeup Savvy's blog in her April Favourites list -a bit like the possibly discontinued GOSH Rainbow, Maybelline Express Finish Diamonds in Flash Cosmic

My pictures here really aren't doing this justice, it's so much more blingy in real life - with almost as Fee says opal sparkles

I've done a few pics showing it used as a top coat but again it's so much better irl -on the left a not so interesting beige / nude Essie - Cafe Forgot, and on the right a different nail but the same colour with Cosmic Flash over the top

I also got the new Barry M 315 Nail Effects in Blue :)

I'm going to do a post soon showing you different ways you can update or change you nail polishes so keep checking back to see that post x

I also got a couple of Body Shop things whilst renewing my Love Your Body card - the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner - which I haven't tried before

and the Rainforest Radiance Shampoo for Coloured Hair - I have a review coming up on a couple of items in the Body Shop's Rainforest hair collection including one of this shampoo but as you can probably guess from the fact I have repurchased it in a larger size I LOVE IT!!! I'll be going back to The Body Shop next week to use my birthday voucher only thing is I don't know what to get - any suggestions or recommendations?

Finally I got a little clothing item - my mum gave me some money to treat myself with - I don't deserve it one little bit after been soooo mean to her earlier in the week but she was AMAZING as per usual - I bought this top from Jane Normal of all places I used to shop at Jane Norman an awful lot, the trousers used to be one of my work wear staples when I was less curvy, but as my waistline increased they seemed to lose their way a bit, everything became a bit chavy or WAG wanabee a like, but one of my lovely friends Layna aka GlamGemini on twitter mentioned she had bought a few things from their sale so I had a look online I am currently closely monitoring a jumper on their website to see if they'll reduce it a bit more, but I decided to have a look at their concession in Debenhams. The sale rails weren't really up to much but I did spot this blouse / top which I loved -  it's in a soft nude / blush shade and features a lace insert and smocking on the hemline

Again the pictures aren't doing this justice but it is so pretty and the fabric is really soft :)

Oh and if you on the magazine freebie hunt this month, and your cheesed off with Nails Inc, then you could do worse than buy a copy of Easy Living - free with this months (June) issue is a cute little fabric Cath Kidston bag in the choice of 2 designs

It's not the strongest but it would be ideal for either sticking in a bigger bag for emergencies or for using for your book or magazine or even your lunch - you also get a copy of the Cath Kidston magazine /catalogue too and not only that but there is a voucher inside for 15% instore and the same online by using the code EALV before 16th June. I love Cath Kidston so much the catalogue is completely droolworthy and I also enjoy Easy Living it's not my usual type of magazine but there are lots of sensible features including good Homes and Food sections - It's definitely one I'll purchase again when I actually want to read a magazine as opposed to just looking at the pictures x
So that was my haul - I had a really enjoyable day shame my poor feet are paying for it now x Any questions please ask xx


  1. I always go straight for the body butters in the Body Shop so will probably spend my birthday reward on that - I use them pretty much every day. Skincare wise I LOVE their Vitamin C Microdermabrasion scrub - have you tried it?x

  2. i am definatly going to keep an eye out for the barry m toffee lipgloss it looks fab :)


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