Monday 16 May 2011

Birthday Pressies

I know a lot of people aren't keen on pressie hauls but the common consensus from here and on twitter was that you would like to see what I got for my birthday - well I can't really get toys anymore now I'm 33 (apart from Wii games I guess - Zumba for the Wii anyone ;) so my pressies are of the make up, clothes, and jewellery variety. I did get a few other bits such as some cute cat mugs, some books, a cute photo album, some flowers, and more chocolates than you can shake a stick at but I guess it's the clothes and beauty stuff you'll be interested in :) First up clothes and accessories :) I got two dresses, first of all this Primark dress come tunic from Mummy Lou x
It's a gorgeous blue colour and has lovely silvery detailing - I would only wear this as a dress maybe on holiday but I think it will also look good over leggings :)

Next up from my godparents I got this dress - look familar?

Yes it another floral maxi dress - this is very similar to the turquoise and the black one I already have :) This one is obviously in purple and is by a brand called Mela Loves London from New Look.

My Godparents also kindly got me these Weymouth Bow Sandals from Peacocks which have been on my wishlist for some time x

I also got few jewellery bits including these bracelets - the blue ones are from Mummy Lou and are from a brand called Silk Route Fashion Jewellery (possibly from QVC?) they have loads of little enamelled, stone and glass beads and they match my dress :) The daisy clamp bangle is from Primark and came from my Godparents

My Godparents also got me a couple of other jewellery pieces also with a daisy theme - this silver daisy necklace and these Peacocks earrings as modelled by Mummy Lou x I love daisies me :)

I also got a Primark gift card from one of my besties Helen :) I think I'll hang onto this for a little bit though as I've been to Primark twice in the last 2 weeks so I think I'll  wait for some new things to come in. I've also had a little clothing splurge with some my birthday money and discount so pics when  it all comes xx
Next up beauty things - I have to say I dropped a few helpful hints and pointed people in the direction of my wishlist  which certainly seemed to do the trick - Mummy Lou was a star and got my lots of great bits :)
First up the Illamasqua Cream pigments that I wanted - on the left Hollow and on the right Delirium

She also got my a few MAC things including a back up of Idol Eyes eyeshadow

Haute and Naughty Lash Mascara

and Posey Blushcreme

Swatched heavily on the left, blended out on the right x

She also managed to get me this
The Fearne Cotton Hat Box from Boots :) The was from the Christmas collection where it retailed as £40 - she wouldn't pay that and neither would I but we spotted it on a sale shelf for £15 so she kept it back for my birthday :) I have to be honest and say I only really wanted it for the box which is absolutely gorgeous and comes tied with a pink velvet ribbon, but it did come filled with make up. First up a heart shaped cosmetic bag and an summery bronze eyeshadow compact - I was really quite surprised these shadows are super pigmented

It also contained 4 lipglosses, a gorgeous nude lipstick, 2 eye colour pencils, a black kohl pencil and a mini mascara, and an animal print powder puff, and two loose shadows

I am much more pleased with the contents than I originally expected I am not convinced it was all worth £40 but it definitely wasn't bad for £15 I personally would have paid that for the box x
My bestie Dawn also got me a few beauty things as part of my present including the Barry M White Foundation Creme which I intend to use to lighten other foundations, an MUA nail polish, and a two phase Max Factor lipgloss which I am really excited to try

Finally after a bit of persuasion Mummy Lou ordered this Alpha H kit from QVC for me - Twitter was awash with talk of the brilliance of Liquid Gold last week and I have to say I was sucked in - I am testing a few skin things at the moment but when I've finished them I am going to give this a proper go :)

I also got a few Body Shop staples from my mummy, who also picked up the Vitamin C Skin Reviver for me - which is basically a primer and retexturiser I can't wait to try this either it smells yummy, and I also placed a few beauty orders with my birthday money including some Nars and Nails Inc pics when they come of course x

So that was my birthday pressie haul I am sure you'll agree I was well and truly spoilt rotten - If you have any questions on anything or of you would like any reviews please ask xx


  1. Looks like you were very lucky! I'm glad you had some lovely things x

  2. Wow, you got some lovely new toys! Lucky Lou. Glad you had a nice day, lady, you deserved to be spoilt rotten.


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