Friday 20 May 2011

Superdrug, Peacocks and Boyes Haulage

Hey Guys
I know I said I would be laying off on the haulage front but I did pop to a local town this afternoon with Momma Lou - the appeal of this town - Superdrug :) Now I am free from the restraints of Project 10 Pan I wanted to go and play with make up for a bit lol First up this Accessorize special offer set

I'd seen this online but not in store. This store doesn't actually sell the Accessorize make up line but they had these sets of three Accessorize full sized eyeshadows for only £1.99 - they should retail at between £2 and £4 each! They had two sets to chose from - Mine contained

3. Truffle - a gorgeous bronze / taupe

10. Soft Pink - a gorgeous shimmery oyster pink

16. Sage - a gorgeous golden sage green
Swatches - From L - R - Truffle, Soft Pink, and Sage

I am soo happy with these - the are so pigmented and super soft - my larger Superdrug didn't have these so it's worth trying smaller stores, they also have the sets online but you can't choose which one you get.

I also picked up one of the new Dream Touch Blushers by Maybelline - these are gorgeous and creamy the only thing is the stand was a mess, and they were all mixed up so I picked one I liked the look of the only thing is the colour names aren't on the packaging so I don't know which one it is - why have Maybelline done this?

Anyway by course of elimination this is maybe Peach but I'd need to see it alongside Berry to make a true comparison - whatever I know that's not much help but it is super pretty :)

I also picked up two of the new Beauty UK Lip Lust glosses in No. 4 Sweet Sixteen (Top) and No.6 Oh Baby (Bottom) I am going to do a full review of these in a new series of posts I'm planning to do so no swatches at the moment x

I also picked up a copy of Top of the Pops magazine, yes I know I am not 12 but they had an interesting make up free gift.

For only £2.99 you got a BYS Eyeshadow Palette which has 9 colours which surprisingly is really pigmented

You also got a silver glitter liner, and a black and a jade pencil liner

I've only tried a couple of BYS bits in the past (my local chemist often sells bits) but as well as  being super cheap they all seem to be ok for the money, I have a lovely striped bronzer which alas they don't seem to make any more but if your keen on trying some super cheap make up you can get a 25% discount on BYS cosmetics @ just enter the code TOTP25 X

I also popped into Boyes - this is a shop that just seems to be in the North of England and Yorkshire - it sells all sorts of bits and pieces including health and beauty, clothing, craft, kitchenware etc I bought a couple of nail polishes W7 Limited Edition Earthquake Silver Shatter and LA Colors Color Craze Nail Polish in Static Electricity

I also popped into Peacocks to buy some undies - and for the first time I noticed the Evie Glam Make Up Range - it was on 3 for 2 so I bought a few bits which I will review for you hence no swatches in this post - first up the Blue Eyeshadow Quad - although it only has one real blue in it and a Mink Nail Polish

and a Blusher which seems a pretty peach / pink shade - look out for a review post coming soon x

So that was my haul some good bargains and a few reviews to come x Any questions or if you would like reviews of anything I hadn't mentioned please let me know x Next up a rave and review xx


  1. Blimey lady that is serious bargain buys you got yourself, i will take a look for the acessorise sets xx

  2. snap! I got the top of the pops mag just for the freebies! I also got the accessorize eyeshadow trio, but the one with the lilac and greens. Some good buys there! x

  3. @nicoletta - it's seriously worth it the shadows are gorgeous an soft
    @Nicole - Do you do a post on the BYS freebies ? I read it on a blog and thats what made me get it :)

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  5. Oohhhhh I love those accessorize eyeshadows, total bargain! I'm enjoying your blog! I'm 29 and I have M.E too, sucks doesn't it! lol Are you able to work? I'm mostly housebound at the moment so all I can say is GOD BLESS INTERNET SHOPPING! hehehe! Loving the blog, and it's so great to read a blog from someone who is..
    1. around my age
    2. isn't totally loaded and buying designer everything!
    3. from the UK where I can get the stuff you show us when it's irresistible!

  6. @Blodwen - what a sweet comment thank you so much xx Believe me I would still be designer goodies if I could but I guess I am learning (slowly) to be a bit more savvy - expensive doesn't always mean better etc. lol those Accessorize shadows are really good!
    I haven't been able to work since I was diagnosed unfortunately which sucks beyond belief I have Masters degree and the evil thing that is ME has put my life on hold for the last 5 years nearly- blogging is one of my few releases now - I try to get out of the house at least once a week but never for longer than a few hours :( I rely heavily on internet shopping too I must admit it's too easy one click and thats it - very dangerous lol x Thanksfor commenting and thanks for reading my blog x

  7. I love cheap make-up that's still great!:D
    good haul

  8. can you swatch the palette that came with the top and the pops magazine, i need to send some makeup back home to my parents home country and would love to know the pigmentation for my young cousins

  9. @Jessica - thanks love xx
    @LMNL - I'll stick a little post up for you later this afternoon xx

  10. @Jessica - thanks love xx
    @LMNL - I'll stick a little post up for you later this afternoon xx

  11. The Accessorize eyeshadows look gorgeous x


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