Monday 9 May 2011

Goods and Bads

Hey my loves welcome to this weeks goods and bads x - just one bad today x

  • Put another pound on this week :( I have started some new medication so my doctor says that may be making me eat more I am a bit disappointed but at the same time my doctor told me not to be disheartened it will be hard for me to lose weight because of medication and lack of activity but I can do it
  • Less than a week to my birthday :) - have a few little events planned including a meal with my bestie and a shopping trip with Mummy Lou which I am excited about  :)
  • It was my godfathers birthday yesterday so I had a nice day with some of my family :)
  • Finishing Project 10 Pan - I really didn't think I could do it but I've proved I can - thanks to all the lovely people who have left me such sweet comments on either the blog post or the videos xx
  • Blog Sales - thanks to everyone that bought from my previous sale update all you goodies should either be with you already or on their way x I will be posting an update probably on Wednesday night so I'll keep you posted x
  • Mummy LouLou is thankfully feeling much better now - whatever virus she had has really taken it out of her but shes definitely on the mend thanks for all the well wishes x
All in all pretty positive from me today :) I have a few posts planned for this week including a little product rave, a little ASOS haul , and maybe a little product review and giveaway - thanks for sticking with me and a big hi and thanks to my new followers x`

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