Wednesday 18 April 2012

My Nail Polish Collection - Orly

Orly is one of those brands that I wouldn't have discovered if it wasn't for the internet, I always used to see it popping up on forums and in blog posts, so it was only natural that I joined in. It's much more easily available in the UK than it used to be, you can now get it in some Boots stores and from some online stores based in the UK but I've stayed fairly loyal to ebay. I've purchased the majority of  my Orly polishes from US ebay, for the usual reason that it worked out cheaper than buying them in the UK.

I only have a few Orly polishes and here they all are - perfect examples of polish loveliness - apologies again that some may be discontinued  - don't forget to click the names to see some nails of the days :)

From Left To Right - It's Up To Blue, Coffee Break and Halley's Comet

It's Up To Blue, is more of a turquoise, blue / green shade, Coffee Break is a caramel, tan, beige shade, and Halley's Comet is a sparkly teal /turquoise

From Left To Right - Oh Cabana Boy, Space Cadet, and Lunar Eclipse 

Oh Cabana Boy is the most amazing hot pink with a bit of shimmer, Space Cadet is a multi dimensional green, purple, pink, yellow - well every colour under the sun polish, that looks simply amazing and Lunar Eclipse is a beautiful sparkly blue with almost a purple / pink shimmer.

These babies are all a massive 18ml in size, but as you probably know Orly also do a range of mini polishes which are just 5.3ml. I just have one mini which came in one of the Beauty Boxes - the colour I received was Black Out

Black Out is a true glossy, almost vinyl black, this is two coats with no top coat so you can see how glossy the finish is

I have to say I've been hugely impressed with the Orly polishes that I've tried, you get plenty product for your money, the colour range is good, I've never had any problems with the application, and I love the rubberised lids on the full sized polishes. My favourite shades are probably Space Cadet and Oh Cabana Boy but I can definitely see myself adding to my Orly collection. What do you think of Orly polishes and do you have any must try shades?

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