Monday 23 April 2012

Sometimes In Life You Just Have To Be Brave And Try Something New

There is no doubt I'm a product junkie, I don't have a lot of loyalty to products if I'm being honest, I'll chop and change always wanting to try out the latest innovation or must have product, but one thing I am loyal to is my eye make up remover, the only one I ever buy is the Boots Botanics Soothing Eye Make Up Remover (click here for a rave and review). I love this stuff, it ticks all boxes for me and I've never dared to try anything else since I started using it.  Finding something I loved took a long time, and probably a fair bit of money, I either loved a product that I couldn't afford to buy in the long term, or the products I tried made my eyes sting and stream, and just didn't cut the mustard.

A little while ago now I reviewed quite a few make up products from Queen Cosmetics (Click here to read my review), and I have to say I was largely impressed. Their entire range of skin, make up, body, and hair care products is specially designed  for people with sensitive and allergy prone skin, so when I was offered the chance to try an eye make up remover from the brand I decided to take the plunge and be brave.

Like all of Queen's products their eye make up remover is specially designed for people with sensitive skin, including people with conditions such as psoriasis, and eczema, and contact lens wearers. Whilst I don't have any of these skin conditions I do suffer from dry eyes, which are prone to a bit of sensitivity, when I use certain products or in certain temperatures.

The first thing you notice about this product is that it comes in a tub, 99.9% of the eye make up removers have came in a bottle, this one though is a bit different, it isn't a liquid or a lotion, it is in fact a  white, creamy balm.

In look and in feel it reminds me a bit of Sudocream, it softens on contact with the skin, and as you would expect from Queen Cosmetics and their philosophy, it has no noticeable scent.

Obviously this eye make up remover takes a little bit more effort than just tipping it on to a cotton pad but it's by no means difficult. I used this product in two ways, in the first way I applied some of the product onto a slightly, dampened cotton pad and I gently patted the product it on to my lids to remove the product, and secondly I softened some of the product and then lightly patted  it on to my lids, and then gently removed it with a dampened muslin cloth.

I have to be honest and say it felt a little bit strange putting such a creamy product directly onto my lids but this stuff definitely passed the sensitivity test, and there was no stinging or watering, whilst I was using it, and after I'd used it and even when I opened my eyes when they were covered in product. So this product passed the first hurdle with flying colours, no stinging, how well did it remove make up though - well time for some before's and afters


Well I gave this product a huge test, I have foundation, powder, and the brightest purple eyeshadow on here that you will ever see, as well as two coats of black mascara - If you want to know what the shadow is - keep checking back - a full review will be up within the next week  x


Et Voila - perfectly clean eyes, no redness and no watering. I used the muslin cloth method here, and as you can see it is pretty filthy, I'm not going to lie, you do need to apply a little bit of pressure to remove the make up, but the creamy textures means that you really don't need to rub the area, just a gentle pat is more than enough to remove it. I have to admit I have been putting a little bit of this product on a cotton bud to get rid of the last traces of mascara but this takes no real effort, and it something I do with my usual remover.

This product isn't the cheapest remover out there, it retails at £15 for a 50g pot but you need such a small amount it really will last for ages. Yes this product might take a little bit more time than a wipe or a liquid, but it does the job, and I personally experienced no sensitivity or irritation whilst I was using it. Has this knocked my holy grail product from its pedestal? no not quite, but if you have sensitive eyes and your looking for a new product to try I would definitely recommend you give this one a whirl. Queen Cosmetics Eye Make Up Remover retails at £15.00 for 50g. For stockist details and to purchase please check out the Queen Cosmetics website x If you have any questions please leave me a comment x

(Queen Cosmetics Eye Make Up Remover 50g Was Provided By PR For Review Purposes)

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