Friday 6 April 2012

My Trip To York - Pics, Haulage, and Moaning About The British Weather

Well early on Tuesday morning me, my godmother and some of her friends boarded a coach to take us to York and McArthur Glen. When we left it was in light drizzle but by the time we arrived in McArthur Glen the heavens were well and truly open - thank goodness the mall is under cover.

We had just under 3 hours to explore the mall, which was probably about right if the people I was with didn't spend an hour in the M&S Outlet ;) and didn't need to have a cup of tea every hour lol Never mind I enjoyed my Fat Jackets baked potato. As a result I didn't manage to have a proper look in all of the clothes shops but I did make it to the CCO :) They didn't have an awful lot of MAC items there to be honest, there were a few bits from Wonder Woman, a lot of the Glitter and Ice Holiday collection, a few eyeshadow duos, a few mineralize shadows and a few pigments but nothing major that I wanted - I did pick up one paint pot but that went straight to my mum to go towards my birthday pressie ;)

Bobbi Brown was another story, they had so many things that I wanted, they had gift sets, shimmer bricks, cream eyeshadows, gel liners, and lot of skincare. I got two items from Bobbi Brown, one of which I was super excited by - it was a limited edition product that I'd assumed was long gone - Again though they were confiscated by Mummy Lou to be wrapped up for my birthday ;)

That was all I picked up - they were a few offers on Estee Lauder they had several shades of Double Wear and Double Wear Light, and there were quite a few Clinique skincare bits but there wasn't anything I really wanted that badly

The only other bits that I bought in the outlet were some mini Dairy Milks for my chocolate machine, and some mishapes from the Cadbury's Factory Shop for Mummy Lou, and some teas and hot chocolate from Whittards. A lot of shops in the outlet just weren't that cheap, Lindt bunnies were cheaper in Asda, and The Body Shop just seemed to have the sale things from Christmas, so on reflection 3 hours was probably long enough.

At 1pm we boarded the coach again to take us the short distance into York city centre - well what can I say the rain was now torrential - I had a waterproof jacket with me, and my brolly, but my poor Whooga boots were drenched

You can see from my pics just how wet it was, it rained solidly from when we got there at about 1.30 till 5 when we got back on the coach. To be honest the weather did spoil it a bit we seemed to be diving between shops all day just for a bit of cover - York is a beautiful city but thanks to the weather we really didn't see it at it's best, believe me cobbled streets are gorgeous but not when their wet- lots of slippage potential lol.

Again because of my companions I was a bit limited as to which shops I managed to got to, the M&S obsession continued lol but I managed a little scoot across the street and I went to Superdrug. I went in with a few ideas of things I was looking for (remember I hadn't been to real shops since January!!) but I was stopped in my tracks when I saw a Look Beauty stand!!!!  I'd wanted to try this range since it first came out, but no stores near me stocked it - the object of my affection was of course Kimono nail polish

Shade 6 Kimono (on the right)  is an amazing dupe for Chanel Peridot -despite owning the Chanel beauty (click here to see a NOTD) I still wanted Kimono it is that pretty. I also got another Nail Pop polish in Shade 24 Sequin Effect - this is an amazing holographic flakey top coat I have similar shades to this one too but I couldn't resist.

There were a couple of things on the stand that I liked the look of but there were quite a few things out of stock (more on that later ;) so I ended up getting a lipstick.

Apologies for the tatty packaging but Superdrug's famous anti- tamper sticker was welded to the box. The Loud Lips lipsticks are normally £7 but they are currently on offer at only £5. I love the packaging of these lipsticks with the embossed design and the magnetic lids to keep your lippy safe.

I went for Shade 2 Toffee Cup, a really pretty nude shade, now there's a surprise lol

I really wanted Baby Doll but unfortunately it was out of stock - sad face - well sad face till I got an email yesterday to say that Look Beauty had launched their web store - dangerous I had some money in my paypal so I may have ordered that and one of the blushers that was out of stock - naughty me ;)

One of the major reasons I went into Superdrug was to look for some more Revlon Lip Butters alas they had none but they did have a few of the Maybelline Colour Tattoo cream eyeshadows - They only had 3 shades left the purple, the turquoise and the one I went for Eternal Gold

I really, really love this, it's super creamy and yes it really does last - I can definitely see myself purchasing some more of these in the future.

So that was my Superdrug haul, the only other purchases I managed were from The Body Shop, my poor lips were taking a hammering with the cold and the wet and I'd only taken a lippy with me, so I got something to give them a bit of a boost

The 100% Natural Lip Roll On is a soya and olive oil based lip conditioner, the flavour I went for is Berry. I've heard both good and bad things about this but at the moment I'm really liking it :)

I also got something I'd wanted for some time the Divine Calm Serenity Milk Bath Powder, I love the lavender and chamomile smell of the shower gel but I wanted something I could use in the bath and this is it - I've used it once so far but one word "amazing" - I'm sleeping really badly at the moment but after a bath with this my skin felt super soft and I felt really relaxed and ready for bed :)

I don't know if you've heard of the Love Your Body loyalty scheme at The Body Shop but if your a regular shopper it's well worth it, It costs just £5 for a years membership, and with your card you get 10% off every purchase (more on event days), and you also get a birthday gift of your choice worth up to £5, a gift worth £5 when you collect 4 stamps and a gift worth £10 when you collect 8 stamps. I really like it because you can choose what items you want for your gift - I got my 4th stamp on Tuesday so I went for a mini Cocoa Butter Body Butter for my £5 gift - I love this stuff :)

A few more tea stops, and a bit more of a drenching later we finally got back to the coach just before 5pm to start out journey home.

The weather on the way back was shall we say gruesome, torrential rain and wind all the way up the A19, then all of a sudden it changed, the rain turned to sleet and then to snow, by the time we got to say 6 miles from my house it was shall we say a total blizzard, it wasn't until we got another 3 miles further along the road that the snow started to lie, by the time we reached our drop off point at the top of my street the snow was about 4 inches deep, the wind was howling, and the snow was bleaching in our faces, my godmother walked me to my house to help with my bags and to make sure I didn't fall over, it probably took 10 minutes to walk a distance that would normally take around a minute. It was horrendous - I was soaked to the skin and freezing cold  -Here are some pics I took when I finally got into the house

So that was my trip to York - I had a good time but the weather put a real dampener on the whole day (ha ha) and of course I paid the price for doing something I enjoy and I could barely move all day Wednesday hmm. So that was my day, as per usual if you have any questions or comments on anything I've bought or my weather woes in general please leave me a comment xx


  1. Ahh im dissapointed witt the weather too, as i live in the most lovely part of cardiff, and its a hotspot for the summer, and as soon as i have the bank holiday weekend off from luck, the weather is misreble!

    Lovely haul items though, i went to a CCO last year, wasnt very impressed at the amount MAC items, the brushes were still just as expensive as the shops, the only thing that was worth it, was the Foundation they had, i picked up Mac Select foundation for £13.

  2. the packaging of the loud lips looks like the dog's been at it haha xx cant wait to see your piccies of sequin x

    1. I know those stickers are a nightmare to get off


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