Sunday 1 April 2012

Another Pretty Holo From Catherine Arley - Nails Of The Day

I know I promised you a review this weekend but I couldn't resist another nails of the day post. I showed you this polish in a recent haul and I have to say like the other two Catherine Arley's that I own it's love :)

Catherine Arley Silky Touch Nail Lacquer in 673 is an amazing violet. purple holographic shade. I found this polish slightly thicker than the other two I have so it seemed to take a little bit longer to dry. It was a tiny bit streaky with one coat but two coats gave a beautiful, smooth high gloss finish.

The photos make this polish look gorgeous but in reality it looks even better especially in natural daylight with the rainbow of sparkles are much more apparent. What do you think of this polish ?


  1. Wow that is so pretty! I have an A-England which is quite similar.

    I love NOTD posts :)


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