Friday 13 April 2012

The Last Hurrah - Haulage From Look Beauty and Some Clothing and Acccessories

Well my loves this will probably be my last haul containing make up products for a while, I think you can guess why but I'll do a little post next week just in case,

I managed to get my paws on a few Look Beauty bits on my York trip (click here to see what I got) but a few things were sold out, luckily Look Beauty finally launched their online store last week so I placed a little order

The first thing I got was another one of the Loud Lips Lipsticks, this time in Shade 1 - Baby Doll

The is a real bright, milky bubblegum pink, it's quite blue based and reminds me a bit of MAC Snob or Viva Glam Gaga - I know these colours aren't everybody's cup of tea but I love them :)

The final thing I got was a Make Me Blush blusher in the colour Flush, I love the chunky compact but mine seems to have got scratched :(

Flush is a gorgeous peach / coral shade it is so pretty and I can see myself using this one an awful lot :)

That wasn't all though because I was one of the first 100 customers I got a free Stretch Factor Black Mascara - I really didn't need another mascara but I'm always excited to try a new one so I'm pleased to have this x

So that was my last beauty haul for a while, not a big one admittedly but still a haul. I was originally planning to go to Superdrug to try and find a few bits including some more Maybelline Colour Tattoo's, some more Revlon Lip Butters and some L'Oreal Caresse Lip Colours but I stayed strong - as I told Mummy Lou I need new make up like a hole in the head lol I have made another couple of purchases though but this time clothes and accessory related, first up this super cute ring from ebay

Cute isn't it I originally saw this on another blog, apologies that I can't remember which one, I'm think blonde hair, helpful I know, NOT! lol  I bought this ring from a UK seller but you can get them cheaper from a few Hong Kong and Chinese based sellers :)

Finally I got this cute cat top from G21 at Asda, I love my kitty cats and you know and I love the colours in this top :) It's not on the website any more but it was only £8.00 :)

So that was my haul, I can see it being quiet on the haulage front in the near future, I'm waiting for a couple of cheap bits from Chinese / Hong Kong ebay and I need the new Barry M Magnetic polishes in my life but that is it for now x  As per usual if you have any questions on anything I've bought please leave me a comment  x


  1. I love this lipstick! I really want Model's Own Indian Ocean after seeing your review of it too, I'm going to be broke soon! X

  2. Loving the look beauty items. Really want that blush. Metro superdrug had the BM metallic polishes in tonight, they've extended their stand. And all the revlon lip butters are in stock too but I was good and swatched them then walked away lol xx

  3. great haul, the top is so cute. xx

  4. well, i predict there will be other hauls since look beauty is now online. how typical though, i get someone to buy it for me and you travel to that town to find it, and then the week after look beauty open its webstore lol x
    liloo /@tsunimee xx


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