Saturday 14 April 2012

It's Time To Take A Break - Nails Of The Day

No I'm not referring to that popular but often quite miserable weekly magazine I'm referring to taking a coffee break. Despite being a nation of tea lovers more and more of us or switching to a cup of Joe to get us through the day. I love coffee but I don't drink it that often it tends to send me a bit gaga lol. Something I can indulge in though on a regular basis is this nail colour from Orly

Orly Coffee Break is a lovely wearable almost caramel, almost tan, almost nude, latte shade. For a cream polish it applied like an absolute dream, this is two coats

I really like this colour it's totally inoffensive you could wear it just as easily for work as you could for just slobbing around on a weekend. What do you think of Coffee Break


  1. Ooh this is a really interesting shade, not one I'd usually go for but something is drawing me in! Where do you get your Orly from? xxxx

  2. I love this colour, I like the way it's understated but quite different. The only problem I have with coffee or chocolate coloured polishes is that they give me odd cravings for sweets!


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