Tuesday 24 April 2012

This Really Is The Last Beauty Haul - I Promise x

I'm a bad Lou, I said that the other weeks Look Beauty make up haul was going to be my last for while, but the enablers of twitter did their job again. The object of my desire was something believe it or not that I'm not going to stop purchasing, it was of course nail polish.

Yes the new Barry M magnetic nail polishes, I really love the whole concept of magnetic nail polishes, so when I saw that the new Barry polishes has different designs in the magnets I knew I needed to pick a few up. I was really surprised that my tiny local Superdrug had any but I managed to get 328 Magnetic Blue and 327 Magnetic Red. The blue has a Union Jack, almost star design magnet, and the red has a diagonal stripe magnet. I really want the other two shades,  a very dark grey almost black and the violet.

That was going to be it but I happened to notice a couple of offers floating around, specifically ones of the buy one get one half price variety - oh dear!

I managed to get some more of the Revlon Lip Butters - every colour was in stock and all the testers were out so I managed to have a little play - eventually I chose two colour from my wishlist

On the left - 050 Berry Smoothie - a gorgeous neutral mauve / pink shade and on the right 090 Sweet Tart, a lovely juicy bright berry pink - sorry about the gouge me bad :(

My love for these babies just keeps on growing, these shades are a lot brighter than the first two that I bought (click here to see Sugar Frosting and Strawberry Shortcake) but their just as moisturising, and the texture and finish means their still really wearable.

According to the blogging community though, Revlon Lip Butters have a bit of a rival  in the L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipsticks. So I did what any good beauty blogger should do and I picked up a couple to see how they compare :)

I love the packaging of  L'Oreal lipsticks it always looks so much more expensive than the average drugstore lipstick, they were on a buy one get one half price deal so I picked up two, on the left 03 Lovely Rose, a really pretty pale pink, and on the right 07 Cheeky Magenta, a hot pink.

It's early days comparison wise, but so far I'm liking both, the Revlon Lip Butter are probably a bit softer in texture, and they seem a bit more moisturising then the Caresse's but if you looking for more of lipstick texture than the Caresse's will probably be more up your street.

So that was my last make up haul for some time sob, I'll put a post up tomorrow about the start of my Project 10 Pan experience but if you have any questions in the meantime please leave me a comment xx

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