Monday 9 April 2012

My Nail Polish Collection - MUA Make Up Academy - Updated 31st August 2012

Many months ago when I did my the first of my Budget Beauty Series posts on MUA I included all the nail polishes I owned by the brand at that time (click here to read the post), back in those heady days I only owned 3 MUA nail polishes. Since then though my collection has more than tripled so I though I'd show you the ones that I've got. As per usual if you'd like to see a nails of the day post click on the polish name :)

From Left To Right - Shade 1, Shade 4, Shade 5

Shade 1 is another one of those slightly sparkly midnight blues that I'm so fond of , so much so that I thought I'd pop a nails of the day with it in this post :) I have to say that this is the only MUA polish I have ever had a problem with the bristles of the brush just came loose. No matter I usually have a few empties and a few spare nail art brushes around which work just fine :)

Shade 4 is a gorgeous hot coral ideal for summer, and Shade 5 is one of those gorgeous mint green, aqua, turquoise shades.

From Left To Right - Shade 9, Shade 13 and Shade 16

Shade 9 is one of those gorgeous sky blue shades, Shade 13 is a gorgeous metallic spring green and Shade 16 is a fabulous hot pink which is great for the summer 

From Left To Right - Shade 19, Shade 23 and Shade 24

Shade 19 is one of those minky. greige, beige colours, Shade 23 is a fabulous khaki shade and Shade 24 is a really pretty creamy lilac.

My two most recent MUA additions are Shade 3 (Left) and Shade 10 (Right)

Shade 3 is a lovely classic pink, purple shade and Shade 10 is a gorgeous nude champagne colour.

These polishes from the MUA mainline are a real bargain for just £1.00 you get 6.2ml of product. The brushes aren't always the best they can be a little bit loose or a bit scratchy, or they can just completely fall to pieces but that doesn't really bother me. The formula's of these polishes is spot on even the cream polishes only take a maximum of 2 coats, and the wear time is pretty impressive I can usually get 4 days wear out of them even with no top coat x

As well as the MUA basic nail polishes they also offer polishes in a few of their other collections - one of my most recent purchases was U ROK from the Love Hearts Collection (Click here to read my review of the collection)

A lovely lilac / blue shade this takes about 2 coats - I found the brush a little harder to deal with then the normal polishes though. The Love Heart polishes retail at £2.00 for 6.8ml

The final polish I own from the MUA stable is one of their Nail Quake polishes in Broken Arrow. These are MUA's version of the crackle polish. Broken Arrow is a bright vibrant purple - Here it is on the nail wheel over a clear polish and on my nails it's over Shade 24 a contrasting creamy lilac.

I have to say that I am over crackle polishes, it was definitely a fad as far as I'm concerned but this one from MUA is pretty decent it isn't as matte or as chalky as some of the other ones that I've tried. MUA also do a range of Glitter Nail Quakes but I haven't tried any of those shades. The basic Nail Quakes retail at £2.99 for 10ml of product.

So that's my MUA nail polish collection, for the price these polishes really can't be beaten, there is a huge colour range, the formulations are decent, and the small sizes means that they are great for holidays, and for trying out shades that you wouldn't normally go for. Have you tried any of the MUA polishes? and can you recommend any shades that I don't have?


  1. I like these polishes for my toes as they are cheap and cheerful xx

  2. I agree, at only one pound you can try out colours you might not be too sure of without wasting too much money!


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