Tuesday 17 April 2012

Keep Your Smile Bright and Breath Fresh With Dentyl Active

Hi Guys apologies for the mini disappearing act but I'm back now and raring to go again. I've spent the past few days doing some serious sorting out and I've came to the conclusion that I need to get myself into gear and tackle some of the reviews that I've been promising . So over the next few weeks alongside my usual nails of the day and some other more topical posts, you can expect to see all sorts of product reviews from skincare, to body care, to beauty tools, and of course make up but I'm starting off with something a bit different.

It may seem a little bit strange to review a dental product on a predominantly beauty blog but it's something that I've done before (click here to see a review of the Radius toothbrush) and it's something that I'm more than happy to do again. Caring for your teeth should be a major part of your beauty routine, after all you can't show off a beautiful lipstick or new lip balm when your teeth aren't looking their best

I'm a bit of a stickler for dental hygiene. I have dental check ups every 6 months without fail, in fact I'm going on Thursday :) - I've been going to the dentist regularly since I was tiny, and because I've cared for my teeth the dentist isn't something that scares me - believe me I used to be more scared of going to the hairdressers!

Don't get my wrong my teeth aren't perfect I have a couple of fillings and their not as white I would like, but I do care for them - I brush them, I floss them, and I always use mouthwash. Sad as it sounds I love mouthwash, I love how fresh and clean it leaves my mouth, I have to be honest and say that I just use supermarket brands and up till now I've been fairly happy. Sometimes they feel a bit stingy in your mouth but that's just the way it is isn't it?

Well no, it's not and it doesn't have to be, I was recently sent a mouthwash that really is just that bit different. Developed by Dentists, Dentyl Active Enamel Restore - Icy Fresh Mint, is part of a new breed of mouthwashes that are alcohol free, so no burning or stinging.

The key aim of this mouthwash is to protect our tooth enamel which is a key factor in preventing tooth decay - it's guess it's obvious but tooth decay really can be prevented by good dental health.

This mouthwash contains double the amount of fluoride than what you'd find in the majority of  products on the market. The fluoride helps to strengthen the enamel within the teeth, and to protect it from further harm and acid erosion caused by such things as fizzy drinks, fruit juices and wine!!

It's a dual phase product, one part of the solution is water based and contains an antibacterial agent and the other is oil based and contains essential oils to help freshen the breath, all you need to do it shake the bottle to combine the purple and blue liquids

I guess you know what comes next, pour it into the cap and gargle for 30 seconds :) As I said before this mouthwash doesn't contain alcohol, so you get hardly any of the burning sensations which are common place  with the majority of mouthwashes. This mouthwash has the traditional minty flavour that you would expect
but again it's not as strong as some products that I've tried, it just leaves a pleasant and fresh minty taste in your mouth.

Not only does it leave your mouth feeling fresh, and your breath smelling great but this mouthwash also does a great job of removing tiny little bits of food particles from your mouth. Sorry to be gross but as fabulous as your teeth look and feel after brushing and flossing, there might still be little bits of food debris in your mouth. This mouthwash is that first one that I've ever used that seems to remove these little particles, according to Dentyl this is all down to the dual phase technology. Whatever it is, it's good! all the little bits seem to be almost magnetically drawn out of your mouth, leaving you with super clean, protected teeth.

I have to say I really love this product yes it's a bit more pricey than my usual supermarket own brand mouthwashes (they usual retail at £1.00 - £2.00!)  but the results really do speak for themselves, gross as it is all you need to do it look in the sink or look in the mirror to see the results. I will definitely purchase this product when this one runs out . Dentyl Active Enamel Restore - Icy Fresh Mint 500ml retails between £4.07 and £4.38 depending on where you purchase it, so if your interested I recommend you shop around. If you have any questions please leave me a comment, oh and by all mean wish me luck for my dentist appointment ;)

(Dentyl Active Enamel Restore - Icy Fresh Mint 500ml Was Provided For Review Purposes)

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