Sunday 8 April 2012

Happy Easter - Baking Fails, Chocolate Bunnies and Make Up

I'm a huge believer that we should never judge anything by appearance alone - be it a person or a chocolate cake!

Yeah, it's a bit of a fail isn't it - I tried a new sponge cake recipe for this years chocolate Easter cake, and gorgeous as it was it made my gluten free cake even softer and fragile than normal, it cooked fine, and smelled amazing but trying to take it out of my silicone pans was a nightmare, and half of the top shall we say crumbled. Still nothing a lot of melted chocolate, some Nutella filling and some mini eggs can't fix. I always used to hate the way they used to score your cookery at school based on appearances, I may not create the most attractive dishes but they don't half taste good, and this cake has already proved a huge success - wipes cake crumbs off my top lol

These traditional Easter treats were a lot more successful I mean even I can't screw a Rice Krispie Easter nest up :) So yeah I've eaten a lot of chocolate this weekend already and I've only eaten one Easter Egg - me and my mum still have this little lot to work our way through - I'm already dreading stepping on the scales tomorrow!

I don't know about you but I always tend to get pressies for Easter too, I think it stems back from when I was about 9 or 10, I was suffering from such severe migraines my doctor told me to stop eating chocolate for about 4 months in order to work out what was triggering them, since I couldn't have chocolate relatives bought me little gifts instead, and my mum started taking me for an Easter shopping trip to get me some new clothes or shoes for the spring and summer ahead Well that tradition had continued and this year my mum kindly bought me a few pieces from the new MAC collections as part of my Easter gift.

It's a long time since a MAC collection has called to me as much as In Extra Dimension, a range of eyeshadows and MSF's in a cream to powder texture, this collection was right up my street.

My mum kindly ordered me one of the MSF's, in Superb, a gorgeous peachy nude

I have to be honest and say that I really didn't want to swatch this because I didn't want to damage the design but wow it feels beautiful and it's a really pretty highlighter

She also got me one of the eyeshadows from the collection, Modern Pewter - this is an amazing taupe, gold almost green neutral shade. Again it's a shame to destroy the design but this is such a pretty and super wearable colour.

I have to say I love both of these products, the texture is amazing and the colours are gorgeous - I would definitely recommend you check them out even if it's just to feel the texture- even better Debenhams currently has reductions on loads of beauty items including all three of MAC's new collections

My mum also got me another Easter pressie, I always get some like an egg cup, a mug or a fluffy bunny but this year my mum paid for something that I ordered for myself

It looks like a Malteaster bunny but it certainly doesn't taste like one ;) These super cute Malteaser bunny keyrings are made by the lovely Claire, as part of her fabulous Sara's Secret jewellery brand

How cute is her? He looks exactly like those amazingly addictive bunny's - he's gorgeous and he's really cheered my house keys up :) Thanks to Claire and of course to Mummy Lou x

I guess I don't appreciate bank holidays as much now but I hope you've all had a lovely Easter weekend and I hope that you have a fabulous Bank holiday Monday xxx


  1. Modern Pewter looks beautiful! The cake looks fine - chocolate cake should never be left around long enough to score anyway :-)

  2. I think i need one of those bunnies in my life, don't know what i'm going to do now the malteaster bunnies will disappear! x

  3. The cake looks yummy! I must get to a Mac counter soon and cheeck out the new collections before they sell out. x

  4. That cake just looks divine....I love chocolate cake.


  5. I think your cake looks lovely! And very yummy :) Happy Easter!

  6. it doesnt look a fail to me. come into my belly, right naooooooooooo. looks yummy xx
    liloo /@tsunimee xx


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